My Career Anxiety and How to tame it?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by cofflehack, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    I want to hear from you about what I fear about. I got work and it's doing very well, but I can't help and worry that I might lose it too like a few years ago. The company closed its operations. Sometimes, I can't stop thinking that it might happen again. I pray it won't. However, my anxiety interferes even though I set it aside. I hate that it's affecting me too much. How do I tame it?
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Every day we do things that are, at least potentially, anxiety provoking. If you get into a car and drive 70 mph down the highway you are a heartbeat away from death at any given moment. How do we deal with this? Keep you car in decent shape, follow the rules of the road, drive defensively, etc. And then we compartmentalize the anxiety. You might be afraid of snakes but you only think about that when you're in the presence of a snake. So, you're worried about your career? Make a plan. How can you improve your situation? Create a goal. Change companies? Change fields? A promotion? A back-up plan? So make a goal. Break it down into achievable objectives. Break it down into units you can accomplish every day/week. Implement.

    Anxiety is ALWAYS about the future and feeling out of control of the future. While no one has absolute control of their future, it is possible to increase your level of control. Doing this in a measurable way will ease your anxiety. Good luck.
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  3. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    I appreciate what you shared. I will consider your advice and will take note of those things. If these will not reduce my anxiety, will it help to seek guidance from a health professional?
  4. cookderosa

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    Predicting the future is a fool's errand. Since you can't control whether or not a company closes its doors, which could certainly happen, your anxiety can never be "cured." You want security, which would be wonderful, I think we all want that, but life offers no such guarantee. I will make one prediction, however, and that is if YOU keep adding to your education, adding to your resume, and learning new skills- the next time this comes up, you'll be equipt to make the change, which DOES offer some security imo.

    PS You asked about seeing a health professional, but health professionals won't offer you what you're looking for (well, they'll offer it- you'll pay it- and you can certainly spend a dozen years pretending it helps) but what you're looking for can be found from within. All the best.
  5. goalgetter

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    You don't have to think that way. Be positive. It could be a different thing now. Relax and go out with friends.
  6. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    Hi, thanks again for your time in giving me some advice. I might be overthinking because of the past. A friend of mine is in the same situation and is undergoing treatment and counseling. According to her, it makes her feel better. I 'd like to try it also.
  7. goalgetter

    goalgetter New Member

    Yes, you might be thinking too much and if counseling will make you feel better then try it.
  8. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    Thanks so much goalgetter! My friend told me that I might have a mild depression or anxiety. She presumes that counseling can help me to cope with it.

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