My AIU experience (lies and deceit).

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    Hey Gang

    My experience at AIU and of course, some humble opinon:D

    I have completed my AABA and BBA with AIU. Degree will take an average of 4-6 weeks after graduation to be received, plus your tuition must be paid before they release the degree.

    The degree will state
    "American InterContinental University"

    Transcript will state:
    AIU - Online

    As stated by Me Again, I too did not have to turn in transcripts, and as a Manager, I do not ask for transcripts, just for the degree to make sure the school is accredited.

    Will I pursue my MBA with AIU? I doubt it.
    The main reason is the disorganization that the institution is going through. I feel the main cause is due to rapid growth of the student population. I have read, sorry but I think it was Business Week or Forbes that AIU's student growth is up fourfold.

    Now as far as quality, yes, I too was slightly disturbed when I see a slouch in group make the same grade as I, when I see a clip and paste artist receive atta boy's. Actually, I do know of professors who will lower the boom on some. Heck, in that regard I think all colleges are guilty of this. A good example, I have 20 years in commercial finance, my company paid reimbursement for an employee to receive an MBA from none other than Northwestern University, you know that 100K MBA program.
    Well, MBA with honors, and cannot even breakdown a financial statement.

    Another example, my wife is in the medical field. While on shift with a Harvard Grad she was astonished that this person could not even transcribe blood readings or something like that.

    So I guess you can have weakness in both RA online degrees and brick and mortar.

    I noticed the word salesperson, heck I have not found a college, university, private, state, or whatever that were not sales professionals. All one has to do today and pick up any magazine, paper, or watch TV ads, sitcoms, etc. and hear the words.
    Basically, your going to be a failure in life and just a darn loser unless you go get that university degree!!! Funny, many of the worlds richest men and women never finished college!!!

    Now back to AIU, are they the best? In my opinion I have seen better, then again, much worst. The only pain I suffered was having 8 different advisors. But then again, I have always tried to figure out what an advisor was anyway???

    As far as the MBA, you might think this is crazy, but Im over 40, have 20 years in the biz, and don't actually know how it will benefit me. Now if I decide I want to teach later on I will need the degree, but then again, Im thinking of retiring in 5-10 years, moving to a small town and driving a beer truck!!!!!

    In closing to Dman. Congratulations. As far as your degree I would advise to think as I do. You have a BFA from an RA university, Heck if you went to Harvard someone would say it is not Yale. If you went to Michigan, someone would say it is not Michigan State. All in all, you will never satisfy anyone all the time but you have an RA degree. You could have spent 30K on a KW degree or the old defunct LaSalle. Now that would be a bummer.

    Well, have to sign off. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

    Goodbye All,

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    An Update

    Hi Everyone,

    Here’s an update.

    I finally received my diploma and transcripts from AIU, and (like Veteran101 stated above) the diploma says American InterContinental University, and the transcript says (in big bold letters) AIU-ONLINE. Obviously, I’m disappointed because I was told on several occasions that the transcript wouldn’t state that the degree was obtained online (see initial post).

    I’m frustrated that I’m going to have to pay back nearly $30,000 for a degree that didn’t turn out to be exactly what I was promised it would be when I signed up. I know this might sound picky, but I feel like I walked into a car dealership, filled out the paperwork to buy an Acura TL, and was handed the keys to an Accord.
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    Re: An Update

    Seems to me both your angst and ire are wholly justified. The reference to "online" can indeed affect the marginal utility of your degree. This can have palpable real-world consequences.

    Some while ago, as a member of an interviewing panel, I heard the Chair to say derisively of a candidate we'd just grilled, " . . . but he got that degree on--line."

    I and others thought the man to be well suited and well qualified, but the Chair and another would not budge. I think the online nature of the degree was not the deciding factor for these two dissenters, but it gave them plausible cause to reject him. On the margin, “online” can have consequential effect.

    Your allusion to Honda and Acura struck me. Several years ago I had compared the great USNY bait ‘n’ switch fiasco – degrees, diplomas and transcripts, expected to enjoy the imprint of the “University of the State of New York”, as the conferring institution, were in fact conferred by Regents/Excelsior College – to having ordered and pre-paid for a Ferrari (enrollment), only to receive delivery of a Fiat (degree conferral). Many argued the degree program didn’t change, the staff and administration didn’t change, and that graduates received the same degree whether it was titled “USNY” or “Excelsior”.

    But badge matters, and name matters, and reputation matters, and although owned by the same company, passing off a Fiat as a Ferrari , or a Accord as an Acura, is fraud. This man bought a degree from an internet university which had been passed off as the wares of a well-regarded B&M. He bought the product contingent on it being badged as advertised by the dealer – i.e. as in all respects of identity, indistinguishable from any traditionally-mediated degree program offered by the B&M parent university. The dealer’s representative apparently lied or knowingly misled, or otherwise deceived this consumer, into parting with $30,000.

    This is very serious, indeed. How many times might the same techniques have been deployed by a chancer in a button-down against other working stiffs who daily make sacrifice to better their lot and that of their family? Conservatively, one hundred? One thousand? How much money do you get when you multiply 30,000 dollars by 100 or by 1000? Is there anyway this can be no big deal?

    Perceptions and opportunities are affected by trigger words such as, “online”, that may appear in a transcript. You know it, I know it, and the institution that sold this guy a bill of goods knows it. It seems to me certain that some loss of utility will occur on the margin, and that such loss could have life-altering consequences.

    I wrote the “College Name Game”, to explore the merits of the arguments made in 1998 vis-à-vis USNY and it has relevance here today. It’s alternative title is: Don’t Tell Me it Don’t Matter.

    This kind of thing sucks and it matters.


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    are you talking about aiu?

    Are you sure you're talking about AIU or rather TESC? Sounds like my experience with TESC. ......... Oh wait a minute, you said they actually did call you back, definitely not TESC? My bad
  5. DaveHayden

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    Re: are you talking about aiu?

    Also TESC doesn't charge $30K for a 2 year program (Bachelors completion).
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    After reading this thread today, I decided to contact AIU, in searching for the proper person to contact, I came across the email address of Dr. Robin Throne.

    I sent Dr. Throne the following letter:

    I am happy to report I received the following reply:

  7. codekiller

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    now thats service WITH A SMILE !

    Thanks jason
  8. -kevin-

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    a fine way to address an issue. I am glad that your situtation worked out to your satisfaction. More folks could learn from the power of a well articulated argument versus....
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    AIU Changed the Transcript Design?

    Wow, talk about service. I was under the (mis)understanding that once a school is registered with the State and has its accreditation, that they could not just go and change their transcripts in such a manner without a review (and approval) by the state and the accreditor.
    Congrats on getting your Ivory Tower to respond in your circumstance.

  10. Veteran101

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    Excellent Job!!!!!!!
    Heck, If I can get a free transcript copy, I might as well call

  11. vonnell1

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    Very Good


    It shows a very understanding University/Corporation. Awesome job, I'll ask for new one also.

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    My persistence has finally paid off. I contacted AIU’s legal department last Wednesday about my transcript and they called my back with a resolution the next day. Like Jason stated, the transcripts will now state AIU-Hoffman Estates, IL. I received my updated transcript (free of charge) yesterday via UPS. Wow! That was fast. I was told that they changed their policy due to my complaint and the complaint of one other student. Thanks Jason!

    I’m happy that the issue is finally resolved. I should have just asked to speak with the legal department when this issue first came up instead of bouncing around from advisor to advisor. It pays to go straight to the source.

    Sorry I didn’t post an update sooner, but I’ve heard these promises before and wanted to make sure they kept their word before stating that the issue had actually been resolved. I’m very pleased to report that they not only resolved the issue, they did so in record time.

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