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  1. yonas

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    Greetings everybody,

    I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and recently I graduated from Human Computer Interaction Masters program. the masters program is research based so I took few courses while I was working on some research projects as a requirement to graduate from the Institution.

    My home town is in Africa, in Ethiopia to be precise, there is not much IT/Computer Science jobs there right now, or if there is it doesn't pay much. So I was thinking to get another masters in Europe; and as of this September I became a masters student in Computer Science at university of Copenhagen.

    the thing is that I keep getting comments from people that having multiple masters has a major issues on career, prospective companies may think that I've fear to get to the real world and the challenge in working environment, which is NOT!!,

    so tell me what you think form your point of view,
  2. imalcolm

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    What additional benefit do you expect from your second Master's that you didn't get from your first?

    I can say that in my area and field (education IT), a Master's degree with substantial experience is almost always better than two Master's degrees.
  3. yonas

    yonas New Member

    The first master is research based so I took only 6 courses, and 8 research projects and seminars. so its quite few courses than normal master program in computer science. But the second one is pure computer science course based program, with the requirement to take 120 ECTs for graduation; plus the University provides part-time jobs and makes some deal with companies that will probably help me to get hired in one of Denmark's IT company right after I graduate. so I started this second master in the hope of getting good background in CS before going out to find job in Europe and/or USA.
  4. BlueMason

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    ..if the 2nd Masters has agreements with companies for job placement in Europe and you are looking to leave Ethiopia, it sounds like a good plan...

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