MSW online--Univ. of North Dakota--anyone??

Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by armywife, May 2, 2010.

  1. armywife

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    I was told about this program a few days ago and I am in love with the idea of it. It sounds terrific for me but I have been all over the internet for the past week and I cannot find a single real live person who has ever been in this program. If anyone has had experience of this program or knows something about it, do tell! Thanks!
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  3. Dave Wagner

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    I've wondered about this program recently... How doable is it for students who really want to get into full-time social work? Everyone I know in social work would "die from lack of human contact" in a DL program. Still, it may be some student's best option due to life situations or remote locations.

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