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  1. Howard

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    Help - I have a friend who has an AD (RN) in nursing, a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling. Her company will pay for her to get the MSN.

    Somewhere, I think on this board, I saw a school that offered the BSN/MSN for anyone with an AD and any Bachelors. Is anyone familiar with this school or any other online MSN that has an accelerated program?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Jack Tracey

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    The search function was reallyreally busted for a long time. So long that people stopped even trying. It's worth trying again. I pumped "MSN" into it and it showed me a whole bunch of relevant threads, including this one:
    Good luck to your friend.
  3. Bruce

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  4. Delta

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    Non Nursing B.S. obstacle

    Getting admitted to a MSN program with a B.S. in a field other than nursing (BSN) will present some challenges!

    Some programs have a "bridge program" to full matriculation in the MSN program. St. Louis University, Stony Brook University and maybe Frontier School of Midwifery. These are RA schools with NLN or CCNE accredited programs.

    A good link to checkout is :

    A carribean medical school offers the MSN through online studies but do your research to see if it will be accepted in the US.

  5. jek2839

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    No Non-Nursing B.S. degree obstacle with the University of Phoenix

    University of Phoenix (UOP)


    The University of Phoenix-Online will accept a Licensed RN with a Non-Nursing Bachelor of Science degree, but the RN must have a Associates/Diploma in Nursing from a accredited Foreign and/or National League of Nursing approved program prior to admission.

    The program is expensive, but well worth the money.

    Go ahead and contact a Nursing admissions advisor at the University of Phoenix Online (800)366-9699.


    The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc.* enhances the knowledge and skills of registered nurses with baccalaureate-degree preparation. The program prepares advanced practice nurses to function in leadership roles in practice and educational settings. Advanced nursing theory and research provide the foundation for nurses to influence the future of nursing and health care.

    *For more information about accreditation, please contact the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, Inc at 61 Broadway, 33rd Floor, New York, New York 10006; (212) 363-5555.

    University of Phoenix Online (800)366-9699

    The University of Phoenix began in 1976 and was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1978. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing are accredited by the National League for Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
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  6. Delta

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    Also, Excelsior College has a MSN for RN's with a non nursing B.S. and no bridge courses required! 12 courses with a capstone. Price is very reasonable.

    As far as Univ. of Phoenix goes, last I checked, they will accept a RN with a B.S. non nursing but once again, require a few "bridge courses" at the BSN level. Perhaps they have changed their admission requirements.,45435&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
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  7. aic712

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    The bridge classes have always been required for non-BSN holders, otherwise UOP couldn't hold NLNAC accreditation.
  8. Delta

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    Excelsior is NLN accredited but I couldn't find the requirement for bridge courses for their MSN. Perhaps they use the ECE exams??
  9. jek2839

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    aic712 you are 100% correct.

    University of Phoenix Online Master of Nursing (MSN)

    -MINIMUM OF THREE YEARS FULL TIME WORKING EXPERIENCE (2 as an RN and one in anything healthcare related).

    BRIDGE COURSES for Non-Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students (with Bachelor in another area).
    1) NUR 402 Theoretical Foundations of Professional Nursing.
    2) NUR 464 Concepts of Family Nursing Theory.
    3) NUR 429 Issues and Strategies in Nursing Research Utilization.

    Contact: Tamara Morris
    Healthcare Enrollment Counselor
    University of Phoenix Online

    To view a complete UOP healthcare services catalog & curriculum please double click here:

    To view a sample online classroom:
    (If the above links do not connect when you click on then, please copy the address to your address bar to access the sites.)

    How long will it take?
    When you enroll in our Online MSN program, you take one class at a time. Each class is 5-6 weeks in length (depending on undergraduate or graduate studies.) That's eight to ten classes a year for full-time enrollment. In that manner, you are able to complete your degree in a time-efficient manner while working full time!
  10. mourningdove

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    I am not sure what specific schools have this available but I know there are online programs that allow nurses with a non-nursing BS to go right into a masters without getting a BSN first. With a masters in counseling there should be a good transfer policy.

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