MSIA vs MBA (for kobeb / Bob )

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    kobeb / Bob,
    Your mailbox is full, thus the posting below!

    Great question.

    It all depends on what you want to do. I went to a very good business school for my undergrad (CIS dept was # 9 in the nation when I finished up). Then I did the MBA at UoP, which was not the best move. I needed online learning due to my job, however, UoP needs to work on the quality control of their students and they cost way too damn much.
    The education - I give it a C+ / B-

    As for the MSIA / MSNS at Capitol - it has been great. It is much more cost effective, the teaching method is better (imo) and you really do learn a lot. . . it's fun. Read some of my older posts on Capitol (if you are really bored).
    They get an B+/ A - ... maybe more!

    For me, I should have done the MSIA first - THEN gone to expand my business knowledge. My MBA was a re-hash of my undergrad.

    If you want, let me know who you are considering for your MSIA - I spent hundreds of hours going over all the available schools. . . I might be able to help a little.

    The only way I would do the MBA first is if you were going to go all out on a high tier - Penn, Purdue, Duke ... something like that.

    What is your current career? Where are you trying to go?

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