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    Just curious...has anyone else had to decide whether to get an MS in Information Assurance or an MBA?

    Most of my peers have MBA's and the degree seems to be saturating my field (Mid level-IT Managment for the Govt.). I already know which route I feel I'm going to take, but it seems like it changes everday. I probably will use skills learned from the MSIA sooner than the MBA skills...

    FYI- I'm not that technical, so the MSIA would probably balance out my BS in MIS. Thoughts?

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    Please see the IT forum.

    Also, "not that tech" ... if you are in mgmt, maybe you should look at the Norwich program. A little hot on the pocket book and a lot of writing, however their people have their stuff together - in every sense.

    Kabay is serious about this stuff. Great man.

    You might also want to look at the Walsh program.

    Capitol, from what I have found, is a good mix of tech and non-tech issues. Play with snort / helix AND do risk assessments, policy, and law.


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