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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by sammarellahi, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. sammarellahi

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    I am an MBA. I want to further my career in marketing. I am planning to do an MSc in Marketing from any prestigious business school in UK.
    I want to ask the career prospects for MSc Marketing in UK. I would be taking a loan for my studies. So would I be able to repay the laon from earnings in UK?

    Sammar Ellahi
  2. AUTiger00

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    Do you currently live in the UK or are you hoping that a degree from a university in the UK will open up opportunities to move there?

    The prospects of a marketing job and how lucrative it is really depends on your back ground. Did you take a lot of marketing electives in your MBA program? What is your work history? There are a number of areas inside of marketing. Do you want to do product/brand management, event marketing, sponsorship, analytics? If you have experience with data mining, CRM roles are hot right now and that role is usually under the marketing umbrella. Jobs at marketing agencies tend to be rather low paying. Brand management jobs with CPG companies tend to pay well, but they usually want you to have some agency experience. Typically they look for 2 years experience with an agency for assistant brand manager positions. The pay ranges from the mid-$70's to the low-$90's with large CPG companies in the states.
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  3. Ian Anderson

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    AUTiger00 makes very valid points.

    I would add that I do not see a MSc in marketing as adding much to your MBA (provided you earned it from a reputable institution). I would suggest that for a good marketing career you invest in a degree that identifies with the work area you plan to pursue. Examples:

    You plan to do marketing in the food sector; then look for a degree in that area.
    You plan to do marketing in the energy sector; then get a degree in that area
    You plan to do marketing in the high tech (electronics or software); then get a degree in that area.

    This will enhance your credibility when marketing to others.

    Since you have an MBA then as an alternative to a second masters join a reputable professional body representing you planned work area - not only does this give you an immediate resume enhancer but you obtain up-to-date info in your area of expertise plus you makes lots of contacts (especially if you volunteer to pitch in and help at conferences).

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