MSc Information Security - University of London

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by UnixGuy, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. UnixGuy

    UnixGuy New Member

  2. SpringHibernate

    SpringHibernate New Member

    I will start this September as well. So how many modules you intend to take this year?
  3. UnixGuy

    UnixGuy New Member

    It's nice to find another applicant here as well :)

    I'm thinking of taking the four core modules...what about you?
  4. SpringHibernate

    SpringHibernate New Member

    Same here. I am planning to take all four core modules this year and two optionals + dissertation in the following year.

    Have you thought about dissertation topics already? Let's help each other to finish this programme in minimum possible time :)

    Did you network with other students of UoL International Programmes? I believe it is very important for us to stay connected for exchanging ideas and to keep ourselves motivated.
  5. UnixGuy

    UnixGuy New Member

    I registered for the four core modules, but I didn't pay yet, so the VLE isn't active yet, hence I don't know anybody who's in the program yet. I'm trying to find people tho. I will send you my gmail email id in a message so we can chat later.

    I have few dissertation topics in mind, but I'm gonna wait until I finish the first core modules :)
  6. SpringHibernate

    SpringHibernate New Member

    I'm yet to make the payment as well. Anyway, I am still wondering what my dissertation should be like. Actually my core competency is in Java (and associated Technologies) and was thinking to somehow marry it to Information Security... but I am open for ideas.

    What about you? By your Username I believe you are from UNIX Admin background.
  7. SpringHibernate

    SpringHibernate New Member

    Any idea whether or not after graduating we will become an alumni of Royal Holloway?
  8. UnixGuy

    UnixGuy New Member

    Yes, my background is in Unix Administration. No idea about Royal Holloway, but we will be alumni of University of London.
  9. LifeLearn

    LifeLearn New Member

    It's been a few years and you guys may not even read the forum anymore but I'd really like to hear your feedback on this program.

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