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  1. Amiku

    Amiku New Member

    Does somebody knows about MS Educational leadership degree obtained online. I am planning to apply for one such degree from Cal State. What are the career prospects and job oppotunities?
    Pls reply if somebody has an idea.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    If you're currently teaching at the K-12 level; and looking for moving on Administration position (Vice Principal, Principal) and etc... Then you're heading to the right direction.

    WGU has one: Education Leadership | How to Become a Principal | WGU Teachers College Online
  3. major56

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    The MA, MS or MEd will be required at a minimum for ANY public school PK-12 administrator position, plus passing any State required standardized test/s … PLUS the politics involved in landing a public school district /campus administration position.

    Best of luck toward your endeavor ...
  4. widereader

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    You can be qualified to be a school administrator or principal.

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