MS Digital Forensics coming to University of Central FL?

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    See section 9

    There will be a two-stage delivery of the
    curriculum. In the first year approximately half of the
    courses will be taught in a purely distance learning
    format. The remaining courses will be delivered
    through a hybrid format, i.e., face-to-face with
    supporting learning technologies. In year two we
    expect to have our degree entirely online. All of the
    current faculty members participating in the program
    have successfully completed a course provided by the
    UCF Distance Learning Department on how to develop
    online courses. .

    A residency may be included. Definitely a program to consider.
  2. sentinel

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    The programme looks very interesting especially if and when all courses can be completed via distance education.
  3. FLA Expatriate

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    UCF appears to already offer the core courses online.

    From the program FAQ

    Can I take the courses online?

    Yes, the courses of the certificate program will be converted to online format starting in the fall semester of 2006. However, there are constraints and cost considerations:

    • To register for courses online you need to submit evidence of access to adequate computing and networking facility (Windows, Linux, and access to a private or lab network), plus name of a supervisor who can provide oversight and monitoring of assigned course work;
    • Be advised that there is significant cost difference in tuition and fees between Florida residents and non-Florida residents. We are trying to make arrangement to allow online non-Florida residents pay a tuition comparable to that for Florida residents, but approval for this arrangement is not yet in place at the present time (July 2006).

    UCF already has such a tuition arrangement concerning the Master of Nonprofit Management degree. The certificate program also appears as a "non-Florida" residents track in the 2007-2008 UCF Graduate Catalog. Furthermore, this page mentions a MS degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Computer Forensics.
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    UCF recently approved alternate tuition for the graduate certificate program. Each course now costs $1,000 for out-of-state residents, according to the program homepage.

    Another possible avenue for reduced tuition may be the Academic Common Market, which is available to students residing in member states of the Southern Regional Education Board. UCF also mentions tuition reduction for non-residents through SREB on one of the pages providing certain qualifications are met.

    I'm giving the UCF digital forensics certificate serious consideration after completing my current masters and grad certificate programs.
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  6. BlueMason

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    Not to sound too critical, but....what you have in your blog is rather superficial, and people would be much better advised to actually visit Champlain's website to get a better measure of the program.

    Sentinel can speak to it as he has a Cert from them; all I can add is that I would have liked to take their BS in Digital Forensics, but due to the cost involved it was not feasible for me... the program is also widely recognized and it would seem that folks who attain that degree would have many doors opening for them.
  7. sentinel

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    The digital forensics certificate offered by Champlain College blends technical concepts and legal concepts. The student understand not only the hardware and software components related to forensics, but learns about the legal context and framework within which a forensic practitioner must conduct their work.

    Most of the instructors are well-versed in their respective areas of teaching and have actual hands-on real life experience whether in forensic investigations or law, for instance. Be prepared to work hard throughout most of the courses; the instructors expect a lot from the students and rightfully so

    The recommended course load is a maximum of 2 courses (15-week term) concurrently, or 1 course (7-week term) each of the two halves of the standard semester. The courses follow the school's semester schedule.

    As BlueMason mentioned, the cost of the courses is not inexpensive which is the reason I opted for the certificate rather than the bachelor degree. However, given the generous transfer credit policy of Champlain College I might at some point enroll in the BS (Digital Forensics) to complement the other educational credentials.

    Transfer Policy: "A student who transfers from another college may receive up to 30 of the required credit hours for an associate’s degree or up to 75 credits toward a bachelor’s degree—provided that the credit is transferred from an accredited institution, similar or elective courses are offered at Champlain College and the student has received a grade of C or better in that course."
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    I definitely think the best place to research a program is via the school's website... I simply use my blog to highlight some of the major programs people are inquiring about. Since I've only attended two online colleges, my snapshots of programs/schools are always going to be based on what I read at the school's website, other forums, etc.

    I wish I had more time to put more details about every program/school, but since I'm a full-time student myself, I write what I can, when I can. I'm HOPING that one of these days things will slow down a bit so I can put more time into it. :cool:

    Sentinel- would you be opposed to me putting what you wrote about the program as quote in my post about Champlain's program? Thanks for your input!
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    No objections. I do, however, reserve the right to recall the witness at a later time. ;-)
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    Thank you!!! :)
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    UCF MSDF program starts next semester

    From a recent UCF press release:

    The UCF Board of Trustees on Thursday approved the creation of new master’s degree programs in Digital Forensics, Technology and Applied Learning and Instruction.

    The master’s degree in Digital Forensics will prepare students to work in government or private forensics labs or as industry experts in digital evidence. The program will begin in spring 2008 with about 15 students in its first year. UCF hopes eventually to enroll about 125 students in the program

    The GCCF program page also received an update:

    UCF is starting a Master of Science in Digital Forensics (MSDF) degree effective Spring 2008, see more details at MSDF Degree.

    Finally, the master's program received its own website. Two tracks are available: science/computing and professional.

    Under the FAQ page, a little conflicting info:

    What is the cost for the program?

    There is significant cost difference in tuition and fees between Florida residents and non-Florida residents. Please use the current tuition link for information about the cost for tuition and fees

    I'm thinking this non-resident tuition disparity will be addressed to come more in line with the grad certificate, especially if they intend on growing the program to serving 125 students.

    Incidentally, here is another DF-related, online undergrad program via St. Petersburg College. Tuition costs $73.16/semester hour for FL residents and $264.54 for non-residents.
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    I would be optimistic as well :)

    Personally, I live in Florida, but I don't have an interest in the program.
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