Most affordable option for internationals?

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    So, the other day I posted a question about doing an online bachelor's in physics as my second degree. Unfortunately my budget isn't very high, and I'm yet to find the degree for me. However, during my searches, I've stumbled upon a variety of ''most affordable'' online degrees articles, but they all seem to be US-centered, comparing inter-state tuition fees.

    So far, I've found UNISA, which might be an option. I thought that perhaps DL degrees from India would be cheap as well, but honestly, I haven't had much luck in my searches!

    My question therefore is, what might the options be for us non-US citizens wanting an affordable distance learning undergrad degree? :) And by affordable I mean something like <$6000 for the entire degree. I'm EU-based btw, if that makes a difference.

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    University of London's international programs come to mind. But I don't think they have physics though.
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    Nor does London leap to mind when affordability is one of the criteria.
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    Thanks a lot - I really appreciate all the help!

    Hmmm, had no idea UOL was so cheap. What a shame they don't have a physics programme! I had a look at Malaysian Open Uni, but no physics or anything of the sort either.

    So we're getting warmer. A degree like the one from The Open Uni, but at a quarter of the price :D .
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    For anyone interested in the Open U, don't forget the cost of traveling to the UK to do the labs (if that is still how it works).

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