Most affordable online (distance) Ed. D. programs?

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    If my criteria is the cheapest and most affordable program that can be done online, what would you suggest?

    My goal is not to use this in a school system, only for personal development and as an added credential to support my consulting career.

    I do not hold a Masters degree currently..

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    Most Ed.D offerings require a master's degree for entry. If your goal is for personal development, why not pursue a master's degree to add an additional credential to your consulting career. If you're looking for a cheaper options, you can consider the following:

    American College of Education
    Fort Hayes
    Amberton University
    American Public University System
    Western Governors University
    University of the Cumberlands

    These are some of the cheapest that I can think of on the top of my head. You can also do some NA Universities, but you will still need a Master's degree for the most part to enter an EdD program. Best of luck! :)

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