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    Re: OK

    The point was that you were the one that was questioning the motivation of everyone else. Rather than speaking for everyone else I tried to point out my motivation. I really don't care if you're a shill for Lacrosse or not, just consider it a rhetorical question as to what your motivation is. But I was amused by you questioning the motivation of people just because they accept the fact that a degree from an unaccredited school has minimal utility. There is nothing elitist in that.

    What do you have against people that are on a Board of Regents? What makes you think that we are in danger of becoming a "virtual Board of Regents"? Why do you think it is being an elitist to accept that some degrees are more valuable than others? Do you consider me an elitist if I claim that gold is more valuable than silver?
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    I think what you are missing is the intention of many here on the forum, which is to offer the best possible advice for students looking for advance degrees by distance education for use in the majority of today’s companies and defiantly in the academic world. Sadly, for whatever reason, RA is the expectation for the majority. On a personal note, I think it might be a tad bit of protectionism by people who have earned degrees from traditional schools that are RA, as they have a bit of bias to non traditional schools that are DETC or state approved., or for that matter RA distance degrees. Could be economics, could be educational snobbery. Besides, wouldn’t you want to protect the degree you earned by paying $20,000 a year on campus when your competing for a job with someone who earned it from a non RA school? (But that is just my opinion).
    Although I have disagreed about the value of the state approved degree from CCU, I think looking at a degree from a state approved degree from a school that claims accreditation by a questionable organization is not the way to go. I know for a fact that the members of the board helped me to make the decision to go to CCU instead a school that is similar to Lacrosse.
    A degree from a state approved school is limited, and might be only useful for the short term, but there is an amount of utility, just be careful about the school you select.
    Although I have been flamed here by some of the extremists, I think that the majority of the active folks here have only the best intentions in mind. Besides there is nothing wrong with a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions, and I think all would agree to that. Wouldn’t the forum be so boring if there weren’t the little tats from time to time? The only prime rule to expressing one’s opinion is that it be based on fact and truth.

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    Broderick wins the game!


    You presented the best debate/argument yet. You were objective, presented humbleness, and honesty in your assessment. I have agreed with much of what others have presented in this post, but was not going to praise them due to their delivery. I do understand the usefulness of an RA Degree versus an unaccredited Degree. I understand history, reputation, and integrity of an institution deserves merit. Finally, while I was considering Lacrosse (whom I still believe is a cost effective and legitimate alternative for certain individuals) . . . most of you will be pleased that I have reconsidered and will be looking at Charter Oaks, TESC, or Excel to complement my regionally accredited A.A. Degree.

    Thank You!
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    Re: Broderick wins the game!

    I must admit I find your post somewhat amusing. You compliment the only poster who agreed with anything you stated. You refuse to aknowledge the value of the posts which have potentially saved you thousands of dollars. You continue to state your original argument without answering what one benefit LU has (none?) over lowcost RA options. Well, despite all that, good luck.

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