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  1. ShotoJuku

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    I just called Penn Foster and was told that they do not allow anyone to take a math class for transfer to Excelsior or any other college??????????
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    Try calling the Business & Iindustrial Training office at 1-800-233-0259. Let me know how it goes.

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  4. ShotoJuku

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  5. ShotoJuku

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    I did and left a message.....THANKS AGAIN!!!
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    No matter what they tell you, Penn Foster DOES offer individual courses. I don't know why, but they make it hard as hell to enroll in them. Perhaps they are just trying to get you on the hook for the whole degree program. I have chatted with plenty of people who have taken just a course or two with Education Direct (Penn Foster), but you have to get through to the right person to get the course.

    By the way, I'm currently taking Business Math through Penn Foster. I understand the whole thing about math anxiety. I'm someone who routinely failed his math assignments in high school. However, I am scoring 90's and 100's on my exams in Business Math. I attribute that to the quality of the course and the simple way in which the course describes how to solve the problems. I still find math extrememly difficult, but the course does an excellent job of teaching the material.
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    Just looked at their ACE evaluated courses. here are the math choices:

    Math for Business and Finance
    Analytic Geometry and Calculus
    Practical Algebra (Technical Math I)
    Practical Calculus Applications
    Practical Geometry
    Real Life Math
    Survey of Math

    Some of these are worth 2, 3 or 4 credits in transfer. It sometimes depends on how it's applied to your degree program so I'd call your school first to check.
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    What website are you using??
  9. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Has anyone here actually taken this??

    MGKRILL New Member

    Business and Industrial # is 1-800-233-0259

    Call and ask to speak to Marry Beth. she'll help you. You might have to call a few times before you get a hold of her. but once you do explain to her your looking to take one college level course.. I.E. Tech Math 1.

    she might ask which degree program and semester the course is offered in. You can figure that out on there website before you call. by looking at there program outlines

    don't get into whole what class will transfer etc. etc. becuase it just complicates the process.

    Go to ACE's web site and there A list of course that will transfer to Excelsior with no problem.

    Just and FYI Excelsior considers
    PennFosters: Math for Business and Finance a Business course not a Math course
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  13. gbrogan

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    I have a question about the above statement.

    It's always been my understanding that if you get a degree you cannot transfer those credits into another bachelor's degree program. Am I mistaken?

    I was looking into Excelsior t the present time because I was under the impression that I had to transfer in whatever credits I have before I graduate or I won't be able to enroll there.

    I see from Excelsior's page that there are several classes that I would have to take either through Excelsior or somewhere else to satisfy the math and english requirements for an Excelsior degree.

    So if I finish my program at CCU, can I apply to Excelsior to get a Bachelor's from there if I satisfy those extra course requirements?


    Edited to add that the link in the post above this one returns an error.
  14. beholdweb

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    Did these credits cover the "College Algebra" requirement of the Excelsior Business Degree, or are they considered a lower level of Algebra (ie, math elective)?

    The reason I ask is that Excelsior will accept credits in Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra type courses to fulfill elective credits or to fulfill quanitative requirements for Liberal Arts degrees. But only "College Algebra, or above" will actually fulfill their Algebra requirement for a Business degree.

    Obviously, this is an important distinction. So I would appreciate it if you could confirm this for us....just to be sure!

    Also, on the proctored final: How long do you get to complete the exam? How many questions are there? And where do you take the exam?

    Thanks for all your help!
  15. beholdweb

    beholdweb New Member

    If you already have one degree, and wish to then earn a SECOND degree, you will need 30 NEW CREDITS that were not already transcripted on your first degree. Only 90 credits from your first degree will transfer in.

    For example:

    You couldn't earn one degree, and then simply re-arrange your 120 credits to constitute a second degree at Excelsior. Even if you have fulfilled ALL the 'major' requirements for a second degree in the process of earning your first degree, you would still need those "30 new credits". In that case, you would just need 30 elective credits.

    Hope that makes sense.
  16. gbrogan

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    Thanks Beholdweb. I got it now.

    MGKRILL New Member

    The course met my natrual sci / math requirements for an AAS in Tech Studies

    lower divsion

    you get 1 hour for the proctored exam

    you selecte your proctor which then has to be approved by school. You can take the test anywhere

    ShotoJuku was asking for a simple,inexpensive, non-proctored math course

    I think this fits the bill except for the proctored part ..

    I suggest if your Exelsior student and you wish to transfer in any course from anywhere you should consult your advisor
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  18. beholdweb

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    Yes, that's right! ShotoJuku is only looking to fulfill his general math requirement.

    It would have been nice if this fulfilled the College Algebra requirement for the business degree too.

    Thanks for your help MG.
  19. SteveFoerster

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    Okay, it just seemed to me from your list of requirements that you were trying to skip math altogether and get credit for it anyway. We get that here from time to time, and it's sad to see.

    However, I realize that math isn't everyone's strength, and if you were simply looking for a way to genuinely do it without undue test anxiety, then I was out of line and apologize.

  20. RobbCD

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    But, at Excelsior, you can complete 119 credits at another school or schools and, so long as you don't have a degree elsewhere and your credits are appropriately distributed, you can transfer the whole bunch into Excelsior and complete the last credit with them or somewhere else. This is also true at COSC.

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