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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by threedogs, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. threedogs

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    Well, I started the early Fall semester, majoring in Psychology. Taking a bit of a break to share a little with you guys.

    When I enrolled, I didn't realize that they actually have a quarter system instead of semester. I was just thrilled that I could start in August (and get my financial aid check, what looked like - and was - fast). So what I was used to at my local community college (where they continuously messed up my financial aid, and seemed keep delaying sending out checks later, each semester), was actually divided into two quarters.

    I had also previously applied to Eastern New Mexico University (an advisor at Clovis told me about it). If you go part time there, non-residents pay same tuition as residents!

    But ENMU was taking too long to process everything, and since the semester began on Aug. 8, I decided to go there. Cost is a little more than ENMU.

    Maniac, I think (after reading about how well you did on your CLEP exams) you'll do fine here. I, on the other hand, am having a tough time balancing problems at home & my health along with the super-fast schedule. I'm not going to be able to get super-duper grades - oh, I took two classes even though my advisor said it was better to start out w/one (two is full time, one is p-time here). Bad choice. Had some real serious problems w/my living situation, and once again, this made it difficult for me to study.

    OK - the positives - I'm taking Religious Classic Texts with Lisa Isaacson and Intro to Applied Psychology with Nancy James. I highly recommend both of these instructors. They are fantastic. Both are kind, obviously love what they are teaching, and respond to emails very quickly.

    I also love their whole online system. I can tell from the little I've had to deal w/ENMU, their system (so far) doesn't look too good. But w/Columbia, everything is organized extremely well, both instructors w/these classes at least, have everything laid out so it's difficult to mess up and forget posting dates (yes, there are requirements to post in discussion groups - not difficult, though). [I still forget my assignments, so I'm going to have lots of points taken off for late assignments... story of my life, it seems...]

    The two negatives for me is the speed of the class (I was the kid in fourth grade who was always the last one finishing up my math assignments while everyone had left to go home for lunch - yeah, we went home for lunch. I never changed). I'm just getting used to it, and we're half way through already.

    Some people would thrive w/this sort of system. But, for instance, we are studying a different religion each week in the Rel class. I want to keep reading, thinking about Native American spirituality, and that was over the first week! I could take a whole year on just that - where on earth can I go at that rate?! sigh...

    The other negative is the Proctor testing, and it's not Columbia's fault. The local place that's given is actually the local college I was attending before - I had to stand firm to get the fee waived (they increased their fee to $25 per hr - we area allowed 2 hrs per test. That would be $150 for the semester, and I'm barely getting by). What gets me is that I know this school gets funding, grant money, for the local community - very low income area - and they gouge everyone.

    Well, I fought their law - and won!! :D

    Now I'll have to do it again for my two finals in a few wks! :(

    Oh - also - this is extremely important. I just found out yesterday that they (finally) finished the analysis of my transcripts. They are only accepting 59 credits (for Psych degree). ENMU is accepting 77 (University Studies degree w/two concentrations). I'm speaking w/the advisor at ENMU to see if they require Proctor testing. If I can do concentrations in Journalism & Graphic Arts, I might go there. Or not.

    (I'm still a member of our DegreeInfo Indecisive Club... I think:confused:)

    Not totally sure what I'm going to do after this semester - I don't think I can continue (successfully) at this pace. :eek: Even at my best times, when I was younger, I would have had a tough time.

    Well - have to get back to my studies. See you later, guys!
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  2. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for your thorough review, its nice to hear from you, and be mentioned by name (even if my name is Maniac :eek:).

    You're not the only one. I just rejoined. Maybe we should make some T-Shirts?

    I didn't realize that you enrolled with them. I was waiting until the spring, but am now considering another school (or schools) and degree (or degrees) entirely.

    Sorry to hear about your mess of a situation. On the bright side, when you are done with your courses, you will be a few credits closer to a degree in... something, from... somewhere :)
  3. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Hang in there. It's tough, but you can get yourself into shape for it. One class at a time might be a better idea until you get your chops up though. Especially since the quarters move more quickly than you are used to. Take courage, it's going to be worth it.

    Be glad you are not going to National University, it's one class each month!
  4. threedogs

    threedogs New Member

    Well, after reading about the CLEP tests you took .... including studying and passing French in something like 45 minutes...:eek: OK, maybe not 45 minutes, but I think I'd still be on page one when you were taking the test, lol... well, I think you earned your name. ;) But that's good, in my book!

    Yeah, T-shirts would be great. Just what I need - to make my weird personality even more clear to friends, family & strangers.. hahaha ;)

    haha - how true, how true.

    The sad thing is the worst mess is my living situation. On the bright side, it's made me as mad as h#ll (yeah, not going to take it anymore, lol.. well, for now at least), so I'm also working to clear up my credit and reading all I can about tiny houses. Hopefully some day (before I'm ready for the old age home), I might have my degree and a teeny home of my own.

    Both, I know, will take a good, long while.

    Good luck with your own search for your next college - are you taking classes at Clovis this semester, like you planned?
  5. threedogs

    threedogs New Member

    Oh, thank you so much for the encouraging words, Michael! I just can't believe how one little (well, not so little) problem on the homefront just made my studies fall apart. I've been a hair away from being homeless in the past, and this is a disruption that, I thought, could put me in that danger again. But things have been resolved (at least I think they have :eek:, I hope)... for now ...maybe... and I realize that I have some protection with my disability classification. Woo-hoo for my lame body!! ;)

    You know, I was considering National U at first - man, what was I thinking???? Like I don't even know my own self...

    I am thrilled with these two instructors, though - I will make sure to put in a review for each at - finding good instructors is like finding gold, IMO.
  6. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    I filled out an application, but was never able to register for classes. There was an error whenever I tried to log in, it wouldn't let me make a new account, and I never got a response from Clovis about what to do. The deadline for registration passed and I was purely out of luck. Anyway, I plan on taking a few independent study courses this semester, so as not to lose time, maybe a few more CLEP, and my first venture into DSST. I will get started on all of this once I decide which plan I want to follow through on.

    In fact, its about time I change my signature again to get rid of that pesky "Goal," which makes me sound so sure of myself :D
  7. threedogs

    threedogs New Member

    Ah, it wasn't meant to be. There is you needed some more time, otherwise you'd lose your status in our club! :D

    I'm actually getting a better handle on what I want to do - only problem might be to actually find a school that has a whole program in it. At least I know I'm getting closer!

    Now - I better do some studying or the next four weeks will fly by without me being prepared for my finals. I did miserably in the midterm I had. Very sad grade, very sad indeed.

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