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    Embracing new beginnings to achieve a dream career

    At an age when a lot of people have retirement as their goal, General Parker is realizing a deferred dream: earning his college degree and becoming a lawyer.

    Over four decades ago, Parker, now 60, earned three college credits but didn’t finish his degree. Fast forward to 2023, he was ready to try his hand at it again.

    After discovering Modern States and completing over a dozen of our courses, he took and passed 16 credit-bearing CLEP exams, saving him over $40,000 in tuition costs!

    Despite only starting in January of this year, he is on track to graduate with his bachelor's degree in October and will be off to law school in the next semester. “They not only saved me money, but my personal integrity as well; I was really losing myself,” Parker said. “Now I have a chance to be me, and be the lawyer I should have been years ago.”

    Learn more about his journey here.

    ICYMI: Meet Modern States’ new executive director

    Earlier this summer, Modern States welcomed Dr. Jefferson Pestronk as executive director. He will work alongside Modern States’ CEO and founder, Steve Klinsky, and succeeds David Vise, who will serve as senior advisor.

    “I am excited to bring our free courses to even more learners and educators across the country,” said Pestronk. “I firmly believe in the organization’s mission of making a college education accessible and affordable.”

    Pestronk has nearly two decades of experience working in education at the local, state and federal level. Most recently, he served as vice president for strategy and development at New Visions for Public Schools, one of the largest non-profit organizations focused on improving public education for all New York City students.

    Pestronk is looking forward to continuing the work that Vise began and wishes him all the best in his new role as senior advisor and a board member.

    Check out more on Pestronk here.
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