Mizzou Offers Online Incentive

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Kizmet, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Kizmet

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    I thought schools that compete in power conferences wanted more face-to-face students they could charge a ton of fees. I guess they taking money however they can get it.
  3. Kizmet

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    or . . . . . . . . . maybe they're actually interested in educating people.
  4. lawrenceq

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    It can't be that simple. [vulgar emoticon deleted by Mod]
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  5. japhy4529

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    This offer only applies to Missouri residents.

    "Eligible students must be Missouri residents and graduates of a Missouri public community college. They also must be working toward a degree from the university’s undergraduate distance programs."
  6. Neuhaus

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    Personally, I'm fascinated by the fact that there are vulgar emoticons.
  7. Kizmet

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    When we first introduced the new batch of emoticons we eliminated a bunch that were kinda gross. Some remain. People should not mistake their existence for approved use. I reserve the right to edit, especially when you're in conversation with me. Please try to be nice, not offensive.
  8. lawrenceq

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    My bad. Liberty might recall my degree for using such emoticons.
  9. Kizmet

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    Hmmm well Liberty might be upset but I'm not.
  10. GeeBee

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    Back to the topic at hand, which is a discount for taking online courses:

    This may be new at Mizzou, but it's not a new concept. UIS (University of Illinois at Springfield) for example, is currently charging $313 per credit hour for in-state on-campus students, $631 for out-of-state on-campus students, and $358 for online-only students, regardless of residency. (I guess that's only a discount for out-of-state students.)

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