MIT Disciplines Professor for Gifts From Jeffrey Epstein

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    "The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has disciplined Seth Lloyd, a professor of mechanical engineering, for accepting $285,000 from Jeffrey Epstein, including a personal gift of $60,000, and not reporting the gifts as he was required to do, The Boston Globe reported. (Some of the gifts did not violate MIT's rules, but others did.) As a punishment, MIT will limit his pay and his role in undergraduate advising for five years."
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    I think he should receive a sanction from the government but MIT itself has no right to limit his pay imho.
    Not reporting the gift as needed falls under fiscal fraud. The uni he works at has no right to sanction him like that. If he did his teaching activities properly, then MIT has sh*t to do with what he did in his private life. If anyone has a right to sanction him, it's the government.
  3. chrisjm18

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    Did you miss the part where it said " (Some of the gifts did not violate MIT's rules, but others did.)"
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