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    I currently work for an insurance company, and they offer tuition reimbursement that is relevant to the job. I am looking in to taking classes at the University of Illinois online, and I can't decide between Management Information Systems and Business; I feel like getting a very technical background is very valuable, but I also have read that a lot of employers do not take it seriously- preferring to hire, for example, computer science majors for programming related type jobs, and business majors for analyst type jobs. By contrast, business seems very hit or miss; I know a lot of new grads struggle with getting a job that pays decently, but I also would be going into the workplace with 2 years of pharmacy technician experience and 2 years of insurance experience. What route should I choose?

    A side note to this is that I attended a brick and mortar school for awhile, and I was going to attempt computer science as a minor. I feel like I was really struggling with java programming- although I was also struggling with other issues at the time, and I'm unsure how those relate. MIS seems like a good bridge between the two- and for the jobs I plan on applying for if I stay with insurance, I feel like SQL is more important than Java (just an example). I've heard that MIS is a "useless" degree, and that it is very valuable- it all seems to depend on where the person goes. Could anyone give any insight to this?
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    Confused and you are confusing me as well - In the start you said, you are confused between getting a 'technical' degree vs business degree and then later on you thought about joining industry as pharmacy technician with supporting insurance experience. So why to bother about programming or business if your target is pharmacy technician? Why not define your targets first and then look for the alternate/available paths to get their.
    Very roughly speaking, since i may not be getting your question properly, you shall explore healthcare informatics kind of degrees first before exploring the other options that seems more natural with your background experience.
    On a side note, rather than getting stuck with the 'names' of degrees like MIS vs Analytics vs CS vs healthcare, i would suggest to choose a better school over a better sounding degree :) Secondly programmers are normally born, hard to 'create', so if you lack interest better to keep yourself out
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    A double major in Business and Computer Science with a minor in Chemistry will do the trick ~

    Check University of Illinois Springfield
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    I second the suggestion. Decide what it is you really want to do. That should narrow the paths. If you then find the path isn't possible or to your liking you can rethink the goal, but do the planning for your ideal career first, and kick it around a bit before looking at anything else.

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