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    I'm looking for an inexpensive university to take 5 graduate classes in MIS/Computer Science. My background is more in the area of general business, so I'm not looking for courses that would be at a high level or require prior knowledge of advanced topics. I searched prior threads, and really like the focus of FSU's MIS program (social issues/security/etc.), but the cost ($1700/class) is prohibitive. I need to pay for these classes on my own, and just need to earn 15 credits in MIS/Computer Science as quickly as possible.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated- thanks!
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    Fort Hays State University offers a cheap 12 credit "Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems", then you'd just have to take one more course to meet your 15 credit requirement:
    Info: Graduate - MIS - Fort Hays State University
    Tuition: $235.50/credit ($706.50/class) Tuition and Fees - Fort Hays State University
    I'm not sure whether it meets your requirement to earn the credits fast since I think (I could be wrong) that FHSU works on the normal semester system and doesn't offer accelerated courses.

    American Public University has a "Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management" ... it's 18 credits but if you really just wanted 15 credits and no cert, APU allows you to take courses without registering for any program. More expensive than FHSU but does offer accelerated courses (ie each course is 8 wks long). They also have other certs that may be of interest:
    Info: APU Degree Program: Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management
    Tuition: $325/credit ($975/course) as per the cert page

    Also, if you need specific kinds of credits, make sure that whatever courses you take will "count" ... ie, sometimes two similar courses at two different schools will have two very different course codes which means one may count and the other won't for your purposes, so check first ...

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