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    An efficient degree mill program for a Ph.D. in literature or a D.Litt.: a project-oriented dissertation or degree-by-publication for haiku. Here is an example dissertation:

    - - - - - -
    old car

    rusty paint shards

    fall to earth

    send diploma

    tenure track assured

    new car
    - - - - -

    If questioned about the shortness of the dissertation, the proud academic may reply passionately, "the poem is short, but I spent a lifetime living it." (A pipe wouldn't hurt.)
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    Isn't this the very dissertation used by James Brodigan to earn his Trinity C & U Ph.D.? I think the year was 1998.

    Be careful, lest TC&U check you for plagiarism! [​IMG]

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    Ode to Online Degree Mills
    Online Ph.D.:
    Send a grand to my website
    And then just click "PRINT"

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