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  1. proracer

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    I was in the Navy and attended school in Memphis Tenn. I have a number of courses that were taken there. How do I get credit for them?

    The Air Force has the Community College of the Air Force. What does the Navy have?

  2. Rich Douglas

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    The Air Force got out ahead of the pack with CCAF. The Navy came up with Navy Campus for Achievement, which sought to leverage existing programs at colleges and universities--rather than create one of their own (like CCAF). The Army did this, too. Neither is bad; they're just not CCAF.

    (NB: I was an education specialist when enlisted in the Air Force. I was an education and training officer after commissioning. I have an A.A.S. from CCAF.)
  3. proracer

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    Great News! I just got a copy of my Navy courses. I have a lot more credits that I did not know about!!!


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    SMART!!!! for Navy and Marine Corps. Semper Fi!
  5. SMART is awesome! It is a great way to find out what credits you have from the navy. I use these a lot to guide my peers on their educational journeys. Many of the people I work with have 100+ credits from the navy and they had no idea. then I tell them about the big three and their credit transfer programs and they get super excited. That is the kind of news that changes lives.

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