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Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Carpathia, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Air Force vet here as well.

    CCAF credits transferred with no problem, with my year of local community college before going into the AF, I started as a 3rd year student.

    I got my undergrad from Regis University in Denver. Very well respected B&M school...I did mine on campus, but I believe they have online undergrad programs also. is the website.

    I can tell you firsthand their admissions department was great about accepting transfer credits, no problems whatsoever.

    Good luck!
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    I just finished my CCAF a few months ago and I just completed my AA from the University of Maryland/University College. You are in great shape and any of these colleges listed (and many others) will accept your credits for the CCAF and for your training. I've taken a few more GenEd classes than you, but a lot of that can be CLEP/Dantes'd. I recommend you find a program you like at one of these schools and then start taking as many CLEP/Dantes tests that you can handle, you can't beat the

    You'll knock it out in no time. This is a great resource (the best I'd say) for getting degree information...stick around and learn all you can from these guys.

    Good luck!
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    Many thanks again guys. Great to see some AF members weigh in on all this and to hear that you've had some success. A few questions.

    Do I have to take CLEPS at my base for them to be free or if I take them at a civiliian testing center and show valid active military ID will they still be free?

    I took three or four CLEPS during my last deployement to get some more credit. For the AF folks, I've completed ALS which is also on my CCAF transcript along with English, Speech, Management, World Religion, and Humanities CLEPS/DANTES. I'm also a 7 level in my career field however we did not have to go to a specific 7 level school for that. I tested to get it but didn't actually sit in a school. In addition, from my brief Junior College years I brought in History and Economics credit. Do any AF members happen to know the website to log into to request transcripts?

    I'm going to be all over these schools everyone has suggested and do everything I can to get this ball rolling in addition to taking every CLEP/DANTE I can get my hands on. No harm in trying and those numbers might help somewhere!

    I'm very thankful for finding this board. I am well out of my league in this area but I know more today than I did yesterday!

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    1. I only took one at the base Ed office, never tried taking one at a civilian center.

    2. Don't you still get CCAF credit for completing your CDC's and advancing to the next skill level? I wasn't in long enough to get a 7, but when I completed my 5 upgrade it was listed on my CCAF transcript.

    3. I'd just google your JUCO, they may have a transcript request form on their site that you fax in, if not they should at least have a phone number/contact info on who to get in touch with. More than likely the transcript request will be free (or $1-2 processing fee).
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    Request them via a .mil address and you will be better off than using snail mail. I recommend you scan all your transcripts so that you can have informal discussions with some of the schools you may be interested in. I found that being able to send my unofficial transcripts helped me discussing options with school advisors.


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    Buna ziua, Gary. The old priest wants to know: is your Carpathia the Titanic type or the Balkan type? PM me if you want. Best wishes to you and welcome aboard. I hope you find a good DL programme that works well for you. Janko Preotul
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    A bit of a follow up and yet another question here.

    I am pulling together transcripts and adding up my CLEPS/DANTES and things are a lot better than I thought. MY CCAF is loaded thanks to a very long tech school and ultimately I think most of it will transfer and get me going.

    I'm looking for a philosophy program and right now I'm leaning towards TESC. However, one of the posts in this thread listed American Military University so I gave them a look as well. I did a quick search through the boards and it seems that some don't think to highly of AMU. Any opinions on them? It appears TESC is RA and AMU is not so, that is obviously something I'm paying attention to. Are their any other real concerns with AMU though?

    I still don't get a great feeling with either one of them when I make contact with them. Maybe it's the fact that getting folks to call back, email, and so on is such a challenge with many of these schools.

    Thanks again!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I graduated with a B.A. from AMU in 2002, so I respond to your questions from the point of view of an AMU/APUS alum. I do think AMU/APUS is every bit as "Cadillac" as TESC.

    Some things to consider:

    - APUS is a candidate for regional accreditation. We may find out if accreditation is granted as early as January 2006.

    - APUS offers all of the courses needed to complete the degree. You may have to take courses elsewhere to complete a philosophy degree at TESC.

    - APUS limits transfer credits to 90 semester hours. I believe credit transfer is unlimited at TESC.

    - TESC is non-profit APUS is for-profit.

    As always, make use of your service's education professionals.
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    Great feedback! Thanks for that post.

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