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    They doubled down on that emphasis when they acquired the already well-regarded Monterey Institute of International Studies. It kept the initials (MIIS) except that now it's the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.


    Monterey is a maelstrom of foreign language instruction. Besides MIIS, it's also home to the Department of Defense's Defense Language Institute, a certifiably big deal.

    The Naval Postgraduate School is in Monterey too, but that's mostly engineering and physics. I believe that NPS has some kind of cooperation agreement with MIIS in which MIIS students can take selected classes in the NPS National Security Affairs and Defense Analysis departments, which probably looks good when applying for jobs as foreign service officers with the State Department.

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    Gravity Research at Middlebury. I've never quite understood if the large tombstone-like installation by Painter Hall, ostensibly by and for the Gravity Research Foundation, is a prank or what? It was installed by founder Babson more than half a century ago. When I was giving a talk there a few years ago, I asked, but never got a clear answer.
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    Well, there's something here


    No apparent connection to Area 51, aliens, the Illuminati or the Tunguska explosion
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    Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, no.

    For that price, you can get an MA in Translation Studies, an MBA in Project Management and a certificate in Localization Management and still have several thousand to spare.

    However, if money was no object, you can bet I'd be drooling over this. Ok, I admit it, I still am. Like I drool over the fancy bottles of whiskey that I know I can live without... but I wish I didn't have to live without. o_O
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    Thanks for posting this! Middlebury is such a great school....not sure about this specific degree, but it's very nice to see a school of Middlebury's caliber launch an online masters program.
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