Microeconomics & Macroeconomics Clep

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    Microeconomics & Macroeconomics

    How difficult are these Clep exams. Any study suggestions?
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    CLEP Micro and Macro Economics

    I have taken both micro and macro economic tests passing both the first time but on one of them it was real close. Get the breakdown from CLEP on exactly what they are going to be testing on. Study specifically on this items. I managed to get older books from a local library and I'm really out in the sticks but the material was still very relevant.

    Here is the key. Once you take the test, make sure you note as many questions that you couldn't answer immediately after the test. Study those questions specifically. So what if you mess up on the first test. Another $40-50.00 is nothing compared to the cost of taking the class. You can take the test later after some time has passed and you have studied a little more.

    I had a little bump on one of these tests. Not all of the test questions were in my packet. The proctor freaked out a little bit and said keep working while I go find out what to do.
    She came back later, confiscating the test and told me to come back later.

    It was a little annoying but when I came back 2 weeks later the test was exactly the same as before and the questions that I had noted were the exact same questions that were tough for me to answer. They were answered with ease the 2nd time.

    Anyway, one of the tests that I took if I had missed just one more question, I would have failed. So study hard so that doesn't happen.

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    The best thread describing various CLEP tests is:


    In this thread the Micro and Macro exams are discussed. Also, on degreeforum.com I think there is a specific thread regarding these exams. I am also studying for these exams right now. I am using the Barrons Business Review Economics book and InstantCert. I also have a couple Economics outline books that I may review if I feel like I need it. Others have liked the Standard Deviants Economics tapes although they aren't enough on their own and "Economics: A Self-Teaching Guide" by Steve Slavin.

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