Meritus Closing! Can the Phoenix rise?

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    During the last two years, you requested information about Meritus University or contacted Meritus University about the possibility of becoming a student. I write today with information about the future of Meritus University.

    At 2:00 p.m., AST on 24 January 2011, Meritus announced that it will be closing its doors to new students and ending its academic programs when currently running classes are completed.

    Since its inception, Meritus University has been providing quality academic and student services to its students throughout the world. Unfortunately, Meritus has found that there has not been the level of student demand needed to support its quality educational programs and infrastructure. Despite best efforts, Meritus and officials from Apollo Group have concluded that there is a high risk that enrolment will continue to be insufficient to sustain the required quality academic and student service infrastructure we and our students demand. Rather than expose a growing number of students to the risk that Meritus will not become sustainable, the decision was taken to act now while the number of affected students is relatively small.

    If you continue to be interested in pursuing higher education designed and delivered specifically for working adult learners, you may want to direct your attention to University of Phoenix, another institution owned by Apollo Group, Inc. that offers a convenient online modality. The educational model and student support services at University of Phoenix are very similar to Meritus. If you are interested in this option, please visit Global Division - University of Phoenix or call 866-991-9715. Other options in the Apollo Group family are WIU Western International University (Western International University) or BPP University College in London, UK. Their model is slightly different from Meritus, but may turn out be a better fit for you. (BPP - Building Careers)

    We sincerely thank you for interest in Meritus University and wish you success in whatever educational route you choose to take.

    Sincerely, John Crossley
    President and Vice-Chancellor
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    "Rather than expose a growing number of students to the risk that Meritus..". This may be the first time risk to the student has been mentioned by a for profit insider.
  3. Randell1234

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    What a bold a responsible statement..not what I would have expected.
  4. SteveFoerster

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    And if you buy that explanation, I have a bridge to sell ya....

    In other words, since they've already determined they won't make enough money off this, they're shedding crocodile tears for their students and saying they're sadly closing down the place for their sake. Baloney.


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