Mental Health Psychology degree from Univ. of Liverpool - Any thoughts?

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    I am currently finishing my BSc in Psychology at a British distance university. At first I thought I would look for a brick&mortar uni to do my masters, but as I live in Germany I currently do not see a lot of opportunities (at least not without having to repeat some of their undergrad curriculum). There is the FernUni in Hagen, which offers an MSc in Psychology. I've already taken a look at their course materials and do not feel like this is the right institution for me. (I've previously studied at a Germany university in another subject, so I do pretty much know how life is there.)

    I only recently discovered that Liverpool is offering a Mental Health Psychology degree. I am aware of the issue with licensure, and especially that I don't stand a chance to get one here in Germany with such a degree. That is not the issue I have with the Liverpool degree.

    First of all, I've read a couple of reviews from MBA and IT students and, of course, you can find numerous views on the quality, but none of the reviews was from a student doing the MHPsy degree. So if there is anyone around here, I'd love to hear from you, especially in terms of academic value of this degree. Is it reasonable to think that you can enter into PhD programs with this degree?

    But even if there are no MHPsy students here, maybe other Liverpool students can help me. I've heard a lot of stuff that you have to be online very often and comment on what fellow students write. Fair enough. But what happens if, for whatever reason, I cannot participate (e.g., I fall sick, I have an accident, I am on vacation, etc.). Do I automatically fail?

    Are there actually any printed materials in the courses? I wasn't able to find out what course materials they use, and in what way they are provided to students. Do marks only derive from online discussions or do we complete written assignments, or are there even exams to sit?

    I am also wondering if the program is flexible, i.e. can I determine my own speed, do courses, then pause for a little and do the next course? Or do I have to keep with the pace of the program once I start?


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