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    Hi all,

    I need some help. My brother in law wants to pursue a career in becoming a Physicians Assistant or MD. He needs to complete his undergraduate work with an emphasis on biology or pre med. Are there any RA distance ed. programs out there that could help him and be cost effective?? Any advice on the path he should take? His final destination would be at the program at the Loma Linda Hospital here in Cali.


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    The subject index to Bears' Guide* suggests that there are non-resident biology degree programs at Acadia, Charter Oak, Excelsior, andThomas Edison -- and individual courses at a great many more schools that do n ot have distance degrees of their own.

    * That index is now almost two years old.
    The manuscript and data base for the next edition were submitted
    last week, and within days, Tom Head will begin work creating the
    subject index, as he did for the 14th ed. A quick glance through
    the text revealed that two Canadian schools now have
    non-resident biology programs: Queens and U of Saskatchewan.
    Your brother-in-law should be certain that any work he does will
    meet Loma Linda's requirements.

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