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    Some said that Pacific Western University has 24,000 Alumni Worldwide,American International School of Medicine( sold 50,000 Medical Degrees to "Graduates" Worldwide,One "Campus" is in Georgia and the other in "South America",The owner/Founder/President/Chancellor is Colin Wilkinson.
  2. John Bear

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    Barbara L wrote:
    "Some said that Pacific Western University has 24,000 Alumni Worldwide..."

    They were claiming 18,000 3 or 4 years ago, so that sounds about right. And so?

    Barbara L also wrote:
    "American International School of Medicine has sold 50,000 Medical Degrees..."

    Quite an extraordinary claim, especially for a school that is a WHO member, and whose graduates can qualify to practice in the US. May I ask on what you base your allegations?
  3. Gerstl

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    John Bear has (as usual) a very valid question. While they might not be the best foreign med school ( ), if they are, as they claim, a WHO listed school, then graduates are eligible to practice in the states. I'd be very surprised if a school systematically selling MD degrees would be listed.
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    Have you not posted this issue before. It would be interesting to get a little background in terms of your relationship with them (if any) and share how you came about this information.



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