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    I have two friends with extensive personal studies in theology, and extensive ministry experience, but without Bachelors degrees. They wish to pursue higher education, and want it to be accredited, but they are really ready for an Mdiv program rather than an undergrad program. What is the fastest track for them to work toward an accredited Mdiv?
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    I doubt anyone will receive entry into a regionally accredited M.Div program without a BA, but there are others here more knowledgeable about this degree.

    However, I would suggest that you look at this thread:

    This thread describes a very fast track to a BA for someone who is well-prepared and able to test out using various standardized tests. You'll find this and other related threads by searching for "BA in 4 weeks" here. You will find supporters and detractors in the threads, but Lawrie Miller's description of the process is very comprehensive.
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    There are, at some ATS accredited seminaries, slots set aside for exceptional students who do not already have a BA. I have a friend who got his MA this way--whether or not someone could get an MDiv may be another matter.

    Such a program is necessarily probational in nature, and is limited by ATS guidelines, but you should investigate with seminaries you are interested in on whether this would be doable.

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    When I was at the Earlham School of Religion, 20 years' ago, working on an M.Div., I had a number of classmates who were working on the same degree who didn't have a Bachelor's. You can check and see if one can still do this. Member Status: Accredited
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