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  1. vinodgopal

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    Hi All,

    I heard some online MBA's can be completed through assignments alone and does not require testing out through semester exams or periodic tests. Is this a possibility. And if so what would be the answer to an arguement posted by a potential employer if those assignments were done by the student alone and not his friend or relative?

    Are there also open book test outs in case of online degrees and if so are they legitimate and regionally/nationally accredited? TIA
  2. AV8R

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    All of the classes I took for my MBA through Regis University were based on research assignments. There were no exams. So yes, it is possible. However, those assignments were very, very difficult. It was normal to turn in a 10-page research paper each week. I never even attempted to take two Regis MBA classes at once. I couldn't even imagine how a person could handle such a workload.

    I will answer your second question with another question: Are you proposing that only distance learning programs could have such a problem? There really is no part of academia (distance learning or traditional brick & mortar) that is immune to this possibility.

    The Regis MBA assignments were so onerous that your friends and family wouldn't want to do all.
  3. SurfDoctor

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    AV8R is right on with this. NCU, my school, is based mostly on reading, writing papers and taking open book tests, but it is all really tough. Even the open book tests are amazingly difficult. They have a way of making sure you know your stuff and it's designed so you can't easily look up the answer. Many of the questions require synthesis. Your friend or relative would have to be quite a whiz to help you at all in any of this. The opportunity to cheat is there, but it is more difficult than you would think. I believe cheating would be almost as difficult as just doing the work yourself.

    As far as employers asking about that sort of thing, in my 25 years in business I have rarely encountered anyone who cares where your got your degree as long as it is regionally accredited. I'm sure a degree from Harvard or Yale would get you more recognition than other degrees, but other than that, few seem to care.
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  4. scaredrain

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    Your question could apply to traditional MBA's also. What is stopping a regular traditional on campus MBA student from paying someone to do their work and then handing it in as their own? I have never had this question come up in regards to the online degrees that I have. Most of the employers I have worked for, just want to see transcripts that show that the degree is conferred to me and that the university or college is legitimate and accredited.
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    TUI is also just research papers.
  6. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    TUI is just research papers and nothing else? There's nothing wrong with that if the papers are designed properly. I have always learned the most from doing research papers anyway. It's funny, even with the class I just finished at NCU, I can't remember the info from taking the test but I totally remember most everything from the papers I have written. It's the best way to learn, IMO. It seems like test taking only addresses the short term memory.

    You are several years ahead of me at NCU; were the tests like I described above in many of your classes? SKS7000 was a bear and a lot of work. I loved it!
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  7. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Sorry - there is a threaded discussion worth 10% at TUI. Two or three posts in two weeks is pretty easy. As far as tests at NCU, I can't remember :eek: Anything before the dissertation process is a blur and I only recall feelings of happiness...feelings that have long since disappeared :confused:
  8. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    Which is more fun: Writing a dissertation or having dental work done without novocain? :)
  9. Tim D

    Tim D Member

    At Morehead State it's a little bit of everything but it is definitely not all by assignments.
  10. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    Easy - dental work
  11. Cyber

    Cyber New Member

    I just finished my IT management Master's from TUI (April 4), and believe me there was more than enough research papers. In fact, I have enough material to covert to a book, which I'm exploring right now. My capstone (final paper) alone was a 40 page paper. Only 25 pages were the minimum required, I guess I had a lil too much to say/write.
  12. jek2839

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    I'm also a TUI 04/04/10 graduate (2nd Master's), but I completed the Master of Science in Health Education program.

    What's next for you?
  13. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I never had dental work done without novocain but I am looking for the has to be better then this. I submitted my first draft of the final manuscript and was told it was all wrong, made some changes to do what I thought was right and the comments back were - all wrong, maybe you should just start chapters 4/5 from scratch! :eek:

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