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    Hi all,

    I'm looking in doing a part time or distant learning MBA but I would like it to contain as much as possible Information Services or Information Technology electives.
    It Could possibly be a French university as well but a british one would be better

    I have to say that so far it's been quite hard to find what I want.
    University of Leiscester: Elective Modules — University of Leicester
    Sounds OK, but what is the quality of this MBA ?

    Sheffield Hallam University: MBA Information Systems with SAP Full-time course | Sheffield Hallam University
    Doesn't sounds like an MBA at all... not even sure it has a an acreditaion...

    University of middlesex: MBA Business Informatics
    Desn't seem to be a respectable University at all.

    Warwick university offer some IT stuff too but in Germany only...: Elective modules for the Warwick MBA | WBS
    Looks like I could go to those specific modules in Germany but that's not ideal really

    Oxford brooks: Oxford Brookes MBA 2012 entry — Oxford Brookes University
    Looks good but only 1 IT related elective.

    London international: MBA International Management (MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, and Certificate) | University of London International Programmes
    Never heard of them so I'm not sure I can trust them, but they have an amba acreditation.

    and the last one, lsbf: LSBF - Global MBA Courses in London - UK MBA Degree Programme
    I've read quite a few bad things onine about their global MBA, but they have a Innovation and Technology Management modeule so that is interesting for me.

    Based on this, I have a few questions:
    Can any one comment on those MBA ? any to really avoid, one to really recomment, maybe some personnal experience ?

    Does anyone know any other MBA with IT/IS modules ?

    Based on the current findings, would it be better for me to find maybe a better MBA, and rely on my personnal IT experience to find a job in this field afterwards ? If you think so, Can you recommend an MBA ? (< 20k fees)

    many thanks !

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