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    I am here to seek the advice of anyone who works in the upper management side of Information Technology. I am 23 years old. I received my technical training through the Army (A , Networking, CCNA, Sec , etc.) However, none of these were the actual certifications that are recognized in the civilian world. I have currently been working as a PC support Technician at a college for the last year while finishing my bachelor's degree in Management. As far as military experience goes, I was full time military for two years and now a part time IT specialist in the Army National Guard for the past two years. Now that I am finishing my bachelors and have nothing but Army training and experience, I am planning to get my core certs (A , Net , Sec ) and pursue a masters degree.. I would like to start in IT project management and end up in the IT director / Chief Information Security Officer level of positions later in my career.

    Now that I've explained my background...

    The real questions...

    I've researched the following masters programs:

    MBA (concentration in information systems or information technology)
    MPS Masters in professional studies - (concentration in Tech management)
    M.S.I.T. - (concentration in Info Sec / Assurance) and (concentrations in general tech management)
    M.S. in Informations systems - concentrations in cyber/info sec and tech management

    Also .. the MPS seemed like a weird degree title, however the two I found were from Georgetown and Penn State.. So both colleges are highly respected.. I'm not sure if that counts more than the degree title itself.

    Since I am employed full time, Online classes are my only real option since I want to continue to gain experience.

    Which of these will be the most recognized and will actually help me progress the most in my career?

    Additionally, what other certifications should I seek?

    Most people who have given me advice about this are either at my level in IT or not in the field at all, so I would really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks a lot!

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    After reading your original post. I would recommend you to keep the graduate school aside for now. You need to move up the ladder before thinking about Management degree and Management positions. The IT certifications you list are simply worthless. You need to find a path in IT first because the IT field is too broad; even though Information Security/Cyber Security is the same thing. You need to keep your experience current, getting your Bachelor degree, and top notch IT certifications. Then work on your Master degree.

    I am a Georgetown University graduate from MPS program with Information Security/Information Assurance.

    Some of the top and most respectable IT Certification you should get.
    - IT Management
    - Project Management Professional (PMP)
    - ITILv3

    Information Security/Cyber Security
    - Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
    - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
    - Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)
    - GIAC (most)

    Telecommunication Networking

    System Engineering
    - RHCE
    - MCITP (MCSE)

    The most respectable degree in IT is normally none; however, Computer Science is the top choice. In that case, take a look at Columbia University's Master of Science in Computer Science
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