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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by CCBapt, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. CCBapt

    CCBapt New Member

    I am looking for an MBA with a concentration in Real Estate.

    I want to be an investor/ developer/ landlord. I do not want to be a Realtor. I need the business courses that an MBA would bring - I have a BA in Business Psychology. It would be great if I could study some success literature along the way (Tony Robbins, Covey etc.), 'entrepreneur' electives would also be nice.

    Here's the 'kicker'. Most of it online! I do not mind some on -campus time, if it is not to far from the state of Georgia (you'all), but not more than 2 weeks total.

    Cost is also a factor. No high tuition!

    All right, I have seen you folks work magic before, so here goes...



    "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step" M.L.K. Jr.:)
  2. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    don't know about real estate but UNA offerds a nice MBA in New Veture Managment that I am probably going for in Jan.

    Check that one out. It may have some of the business/entrep. type courses you are looking for.
  3. CCBapt

    CCBapt New Member

    MBA RE

    Thanks, I have. I like the MBA in Strategic Leadership at Amberton more. Cheaper too. The 'Strategic' route seemed to be a better fit for what I am looking to do as well.

    Thanks for the response.

  4. Marylars

    Marylars New Member


    There are a few of us on this forum who are currently enrolled in the Amberton MBA in Strategic Leadership. The coursework is interesting and challenging...and the price is certainly right!

    I've been impressed with the courses I've taken so far. Good luck in your program!
  5. dhracer

    dhracer New Member

  6. Ultimale

    Ultimale New Member

    I got my BSBA with an emphasis in Real Estate from TESC. According to Dr Bear, there were only 2 in the US, with a 100% DL option. As for a MBA like the one you mentioned, Unfotunately, I don't think it exists.

    Presently the real estate investing courses are sponsored by the various investors/seminar trainers: Kiyosaki, Allen, Legrande, Sheets. Presently these are not in a school curriculum, though it would be nice.

    As for not wanting to be a Realtor, you might want to re-think that one. According to Legrande, Sheets, Whitney and countless other Real estate investors/trainers, they recommend this as a preferred method to get access to the market and apply the commission as part of the down payment. They recommend this as a great way to learn how to purchase real estate, evaluate real estate and spot a deal BEFORE it hits the market. After an investor has accumulated 10-100 properties, they can afford to have a fleet of Realtors scouring the market place for properties.

    The closest I found to an MBA like the one you mentioned is Amberton. Personal motivation and human behavior training is part of the Amberton MBA with an emphasis in Strategic Leadership. Classes like Motivation, Persuasion, consumer behavior, negotiation, and other important classes. I hope that helps. Good luck :)
  7. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    Another thought...

    You might consider the HW MBA--and take the negotiation electives. Its a solid program that has served me well--but not in real estate.

    Just an aside--I was sent to a corporate executive training program a couple years ago, and they gave us an accounting/finance executive literacy test.

    I scored top of the class. The instuctor asked me "You must work in the field of finance, or maybe you're an accoutant?"

    The answer--no, I just took the HW-MBA. This was my only exposure to these subjects....
  8. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Re: Another thought...

    Your academic progression is interesting and may be informing. Did you need more than the degrees listed to qualify for the PhD program?
  9. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    Degrees Neeeded

    Actually, the HW-MBA qualified me for entry into the PhD program. Capella did ask for an international credential evaluation of the HW-MBA transcript (I forget which one it was off the top of my head). The evaluation was very positive--"equivalent to an MBA from a regionally accredited institution in the US".

    Now, Capella (The Graduate School of America, at the time) did raise their eyebrows at my DETC bachelors. However, I got in on a technicality--the admission criteria was an accredited Masters Degree.

    (I went with Heriot-Watt to get around the DETC Bachelors entry problem. UoP rejected my application because of it....after I had applied, and taken 3 courses already!)

    Anyway, I feel I ended up much better off with an HW degree anyway!
  10. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Re: Degrees Neeeded

    Thanks. I think your experience runs counter to what has become conventional wisdom here with regards the efficacy of DETC degrees. And I say "conventional wisdom" without snide connotation.

    Anyone know if schools other than Capella will allow the same?
  11. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    The irony is that at the time, had I applied to a Masters program, I would not have qualified. However, I applied for a PhD program--which required an accredited Master's for entry. My MBA was judged equivalent to a regionally accredited MBA--so I got in.
  12. Marylars

    Marylars New Member

    I shake my head at the sound of the names of some of these places -- and the people who come up with some of these names wonder why eyebrows are raised!

    I had to chuckle at your "The Graduate School of America" reference. You know,'ve probably just given someone a great idea for a name change. Don't be surprised if a year from now...
  13. CCBapt

    CCBapt New Member

    MBA RE Responses

    Sorry it took so long to respond, thanks for all the comments. Here are my responses in one post:

    Marylars - I am not in Amberton yet but I will be if I can not find what I'm searching for now.

    dhracer - Thanks for the site. I am searching it now.

    Ultimale - What are you doing with your BSBA in RE from TESC?
    - According to Dr. Bear, what is the other RE DL school in
    the US?
    - I have Sheets' course on RE. I especially remember him saying NOT to be a Realtor. Legal requirements. I am reading Allen (Creating Wealth & 1 Minute Millionaire) and he has not covered this yet.
    - I think I will e-mail TESC and see if they can work with me on a Masters in Management in RE.

    DRMarion - I have looked at, and like teh HW-MBA. You are right it is close to what I want, but NOT close enough.

    THANKS to all who have posted. It is a delight to have the help this web site provides!

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