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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Kizmet, Apr 28, 2017.

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    Not like the schools on here are second rate, none of them are. But that list seems a bit random. Do they count Duke Global as an online MBA? It's primarily online. If so, how can that not be #1 or very close? North Carolina? Carnegie Mellon? Johns Hopkins? Emory? USC? Am I really to believe that the 60th ranked business school in the UK is better, all things considered, than all of these? Nonsense.

    This isn't a slam on you, Kizmet, you're just posting information about what's being said out there and I appreciate it. The more data, the better, thanks for providing it.
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    Schools with the best campus MBA programs may not have the best online MBA programs. One factor that might vary between campus and online programs, which was included in the determining the rankings, is the level of interaction between professors and classmates. They also looked at class diversity, which I don't think is normally looked at in traditional rankings.
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    Of course it's not sweetie, since I didn't write the article. But I will take responsibility for introducing the general idea that a person might do well to consider a non-US program as opposed to a 3rd or 4th tier US school.
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    Agreed entirely, and putting my money where mouth is, oldest daughter's about to finish up the accounting degree and is considering where to complete master's studies either in accounting or an MBA, and wants to go online for convenience, and I suggested UK programs over US. Better value typically.
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    Cheers to Durham U #7

    Just thought I would interject a little uni pride! Go Durham!
  7. Having graduated from the Kelley Direct program all of my professors taught both online and in-person sessions. They went the extra mile to make an asynchronous method feel like a 'real' class. The interaction during the 2 residencies was also great, which helped build relationships and also added structure (as well as a lot of work to complete a half course in a week).

    In the end, whether it ranks #3 or not, I was very pleased with the program, the education received, and the serviceability of my degree.
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    If I could've afforded it, would've gone there back in the day for an MBA. Just didn't have the finds, so went to UMass, which is a great bang for the buck, but is not really close to a top-20ish program like IU. Maybe my kids can go someplace like that for grad school.
  9. I did it over 5 calendar years (max allowed), and my employer paid $5K a year which covered half the cost at the time. The rest I paid for.

    The costs have increased and so have the requirements since 2005 when I started. Still a great value.

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