MBA or certification in non profit management?

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  1. PMBrooks

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    Hi all,
    Been a few years since I posted here, but let me give you an update and ask some advice.

    I finished my PHD in theology a few years ago, and now pastor a church that has a non profit attached to it that does community development work in our urban, city center context. I found myself needing to gain more knowledge on the non profit side of management and have been looking at some programs. I majored in business economics in my undergrad degree and so I am not unfamiliar with management, but just needing to learn non profit styles of strategy and management.

    So, here is my question: given my background already (with PhD in theology and undergrad in Econ), should I go for a certificate in non profit management or a full MBA with non profit focus? Both programs are available to me online in my state (LA), and because I am a member of the national guard, I am do both programs rather cheaply.

    I am in my career as a pastor and leader of the non profit, don't really see myself as moving upward to other non profits because I want to stay in ministry, and don't want to leave family to pursue residential classes. Is pursuing an MBA really worth all the work, or would just a certificate suffice? But if the program for the MBA is nearly free, I don't want to waste the work if it will pay off later for something more.

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. Randell1234

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    Is there a certificate program that can roll into a degree if you want it? I would say certificate if it meets your needs.
  3. PMBrooks

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    No the certificate can't be rolled into another degree program, regretfully.
  4. trustbuddy

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    I'm a pastor myself, currently enrolled in a D.Min, also serving as a US Army reservist--some similarities in terms of "career track." I am in a similar dilemma myself of trying to discern whether a full MBA or a certificate. It's hard to "manage" a church when seminary teaches you how to be a good preacher and a counselor, but not much in terms of managing an actual organization. My advice to you is to go for the certificate because it would allow you to learn the needed skills of managing a non-profit organization and it seems like that's pretty much all you would need. Atleast that's how I made up my mind...
  5. major56

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    As an alternative choice to the MBA (?):

    University of Montana: Nonprofit Administration (Professional Certificate or take individual courses @ $385 /course)
    - UMOnline - University Of Montana

    University of Texas: Nonprofit Management Certificate ($1595)
    Online Nonprofit Management Certificate Program :: Professional Development Center, The University of Texas at Austin

    Georgia Southern: Graduate Certificate in Public and Nonprofit Management. If the 5-course certificate is completed - students with a “cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 may elect to change their status so they can complete the MPA (NASPAA accredited) degree.”
    Graduate Certificate | Institute for Public and Nonprofit Studies | Georgia Southern University

    LSU: M.S. in Nonprofit Administration
    ONLINE Master of Science in Nonprofit Administration

    Regis University offers:

    Executive Nonprofit Leadership Post-Graduate Certificate
    Executive Nonprofit Leadership Post-Graduate Certificate | Regis University

    Master of Nonprofit Management
    Regis University - Masters of Nonprofit Management Degree Overview

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