MBA/Master of Mgmt - RPL & getting it all done!

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    I'm located in Australia.

    I have completed a Grad Cert Mgmt, and am almost through a Grad Dip Mgmt.

    I have completed Dip Bus, and Dip Mktg (and a fair few Certificate level courses)

    My work experience includes almost two decades of management and executive level roles in some pretty significant organisations, however I worked my way up from the ground level to get there, so am now playing 'catch up' on formal qualifications.

    Next year I would like to finish off my 'formalisation' journey with a Masters, and I am thinking an MBA might be the choice simply because it seems to be par for the course, although a Masters of Management certainly appeals.

    I have approached a few local organisations and they are quite happy to help out, however whilst the Grad Dip is 8 units, and their MBA 12, they will only give recognition for UP TO six units - when pushed it becomes clear that they simply dont want to go below 50% of the fee applicable for a full MBA (all they need to deliver to me is the last 33%) which I find annoying.


    Looking for an MBA 'top up' at the lowest possible price point, and am now looking offshore. Seriously, $8k for HALF an MBA seems to be taking the Mickey. Given places like Aspen do the whole lot end to end for 5ish, surely there's some takers for a discounted offering?

    Anyone been down this path?

    MBA or MMgmt - happy with either.

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