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    I am looking for a MBA degree in Business Intelligence, online relatively cost effective around 15K-20K USD would be optimal. Please advise me on my choices, as well as if there are M.S Degrees that are comparable please let me know. Some decent Accredition is what I am looking for. Thank you for your time and help.
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    It can be a M.B.A or M.S

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    Saint Joseph University offers Master of Science in Business Intelligence. There are at least two DETC (Nationally Accredited) Universities offer the same degree, American Sentinel University and Grantham University. Boston University offer Master of Science in Computer Information System w/ Database Management and Business Intelligence concentration.
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    BI Graduate Certificate


    You didn't say that you were interested in a graduate certificate, but I thought I would mention that Missouri University of Science and Technology offers a graduate certificate in Business Intelligence. Once you complete the certificate you may be admitted to the MS in Information Science and Technology program without taking the GRE/GMAT. The programs are available online.

    The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    Tuition and fees for completing this certificate program within normal timeframe:
    Resident and Non-Resident: $10,054.80

    Information about the certificate program:
    Missouri S&T, Data Warehouses

    Gainful Employment Disclosure:
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    Hi, Thank you all. How recognized is ITB, meaning if I want to Ph.D after the M.S from ITB is it possible or will there be any road blocks. Between ITB and grantham which one would you recommend, keeping in mind Ph.D is also something i want to pursue in the future.
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    Grantham is DETC accredited - which means each RA school will treat its degrees under its own rules, as it sees fit, when it comes to further education. As far as I can tell from reading about it, the RA vs. NA thing has improved in recent years, but there are still schools that will either pull up the drawbridge or reach for the set-of-many-hoops, including (possibly) the cost of mandatory extra pre-doctoral courses. As I said - depends on the school. There's always the (easier to find) possibility of continuing on for a DBA instead of Ph.D. at a DETC school, but that:

    (a) may not be what you want
    (b) may not get you where you want to go

    ITB sounds to me like it should be fine - but what do I know? I'm not a NACES evaluator, e.g. ECE and WES. UK degrees usually come out to American RA equivalency with them, and I can't see why this Irish one wouldn't - but it's their call, not mine.

    BTW - when I first looked up this degree, I could only see "full time" and "part-time" study and figured there was no distance-ed provision. Not so. here it is:

    "All lectures and class discussions will take place in an online class room environment. Classes are also recorded and made available online. Modules are assessed through continuous assessment only, and do not have an end of term exam. Continuous assessment will include theoretical work in the form of literary reviews, and practical work using open source software tools."

    The ITB program looks like an awesome deal - at half the price (or even less) of a similar UK degree, across the Irish Sea.

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    A few thoughts on the ITB:
    It is a (relatively new) state run Technical University ( Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) so accreditation should be no problem. What I would like to emphasize is that you should check out their website ( MSc. Data Mining and Business Intelligence - About the Course ). From what I understand (and the way I discovered this program) is that it is very closely associated with to the RapidMiner project. Core members of its development team ( MSc. Data Mining and Business Intelligence - Dr. Markus Hofmann) are teaching in this degree. You might want to look around Rapidminer Resources - Home and see in how far this software matches with your interest areas. I suspect that the emphasis is therefore less on conventional BI software (i.e. Oracle or SAP) but more on Open Source tools (RapidMiner has for example a very interesting R Extension). This might come handy as there are with Open Source software usually quite a few opportunities to contribute to the project and maybe use this as a basis for the PhD project.
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    Thank you all and Johann & Woho for the time and help. ITB the next semester starts in Sep. So in the next week or two I will decide which one I will join, ITB or Grantham, mostly leaning towards ITB.

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