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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by graymatter, Dec 3, 2012.

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    As I've posted before, I have been an online facilitator for 7 different schools now. I recently decided to drop Ashford so I contacted a school that had implied that they would begin to increase their course offerings. I was told that that would be the case - but that "due to federal guidelines" those offerings would end once I reached 18 credit hours.

    I told the person that I had never heard of that policy before.

    As I've posted before, I am on the board of directors of my undergraduate alma mater. They have an online program but I am not involved. During a subcommittee meeting today (that related to the online program), I asked a question related to the current adjunct pool. The Dean responded that adjuncts are capped at 18 credit hours "for accreditation reasons."

    A google search seems to indicate that their are schools with this policy - but no "federal" or "accreditation" guidelines.

    For 2012, I facilitated the following*:

    Religious, not-for-profit: 42 credit hours
    Large, For-profit: 36 credit hours
    Religious, For-profit: 12 hours hours
    Religious, not-for-profit: 9 credit hours**
    Large, For-profit: 6 credit hours***
    Religious, not-for profit: 3 credit hours

    * I mentioned 7 above; I have not facilitated a course for one Large, religious, not-for-profit in 2012.
    ** I expect to do 30+ hours for this school in 2013.
    *** This one is Ashford and I am no longer on their roster.

    If I am suddenly capped at 18 credit hours... that would SUCK!

    Has anyone ever heard of this being anything more than an institutional policy?
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    Are you sure the person you spoke with did not mean completing 18 graduate hours in a certain field in order to teach a specific class? That would definitely be accreditation guidelines.
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    I posted a link that may help with info, but it says the post won't be visible until moderator-approved.

    Anyway, this seems to involve the Affordable Care Act, and it seems you are having trouble getting a straight answer because no one wants to say that hours are now capped because they don't want to pay benefits.

    If you Google 'adjunct hours capped' or some variation, you'll find info.
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    Wow. Well, if you do the math you'll see that I may lose 55% of my income if my two largest sources of income take on this policy.
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    I'm sorry this is happening for you. It has been a growing trend in business for years, long before the ACA. As health care costs have increased, companies have increased part-time and seasonal workers and decreased full-time. Two or three part-timers cost less than 1 full-time person.
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    Thanks Jam937 for posting the links.

    I seem to be under 'new member scrutiny.' I've made a few posts over the last several hours and only one has shown up. So when (if) they do, they'll probably be out of context, or out-of-date. Does anyone know how long this lasts?
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    I do not think there is a set number of posts. Just hang in there, we approve the posts pretty quick.
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    it is not all obamacare's fault :surprised:

    at our local university, it was the recommendation of the regional accrediting body, that more of the courses are taught by the fulltime faculty instead of the adjuncts. the adjuncts have a cap on hours too
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    Yep. It is a very poorly written law and as we are now seeing it is doing the opposite of what it was intended to do.
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    Are you sure the results we are seeing were unintended?????
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    great i think its a not a bad deal at all , surely i am gonna try masters program in management studies here
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    Ohio colleges make plans to implement Obamacare
    11 colleges ask Ohio Attorney General DeWine for legal help

    Youngstown State University is among the first schools in the country to announce it will cap the number of hours worked by part-time faculty in response to a mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that could require the school to provide health care to those employees, or face costly penalties.

    At the same time, 11 colleges and universities in Ohio — including Clark State Community College and the University of Cincinnati — have requested special counsel from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to advise them how to respond to the act, commonly known as Obamacare, said spokesman Dan Tierney.

    Ohio colleges make plans to implement Obamacare |
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    I do find something ironic about all these universities trying to get out of paying costs due to Obamacare. They overwhelmingly voted for Obamacare. Why are they now trying to get out of paying for it?

    University donors tilt heavily Democratic

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