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  1. basrsu

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    Does anyone know of a course that suits the following perameters?

    1. Undergraduate math course(s)
    2. Total of 3 semester hours
    3. Must be RA
    4. Fast
    5. Highly affordable
    6. No residency (online, independent study, correspondence)
    7. Relatively easy

    Anyone have any suggestions? The math three-hour requirement is for degree completion at Charter Oak. CLEP and DANTES are always possibilities, but math is not a strong suit. :)


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  3. TheTick900

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    Go to your local community college. They must offer something affordable for you. My local college offered an undergraduate math class that was offered through video cassette or on television. (This was the days before the online college boom.) Your college may offer a class online. However since its a math class and you stated that your math skills are not strong, I would suggest a summer class at your school with a teacher. You would get more clarification and motivation to complete the class.
  4. pugbelly

    pugbelly New Member

    Clovis Community College has algebra courses for $122 (yes, that's the total course cost). They work on a 16 week semester so I don't know if that's fast enough for you.

    COSC accepts ACE credit, so you might want to consider Penn Foster's Practical Algebra - Technical Math I. It's $175 including the text. The ACE recommendation is for 3 hours in Algebra. It satisfies TESC's intermediate algebra requirement and I believe it would also satisfy COSC's. To be sure you should call COSC and ask if ACE course number ICS-0134 will work. If you put your nose to the grindstone you could do the course in about 2 weeks, plus another 2 to wait for the results of the proctored final exam.

  5. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    If speed and affordability are major concerns, it doesn't get much faster, cheaper, and (if you're prepared) easier than CLEP and DANTES exams.
  6. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Finite Mathematics aka Mathematics for Liberal Arts majors is probably the easiest mathematics course.
  7. danielsan1701

    danielsan1701 New Member

    Here's a little more info about Charter Oak State College and ACE:

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