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  1. friartuck

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    I noticed that the University of Denver is now offering its highly regarded Masters in Taxation via online delivery. It's too rich for my blood at over $35,000 in tuition, however for a young person with a long time horizon to amortize the cost, this could be a very exciting opportunity.

    GTP Online | Graduate Tax Program | University of Denver
  2. Eljay

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    I found that degree too. I was very interested in it. There are videos of the actual classroom for the online students. I was interested until I found the tuition rates:(
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  4. Eljay

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    I found where you listed the information on USD on another thread. I checked it out and I am going to apply. It is AACSB certified and the tuition is affordable. That was a great find. I have been researching for months and did not find that one!
  5. major56

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    That’s great; the best in your endeavor.

    As an additional option; West Texas A&M also offers a reasonably priced Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) @ $401 /credit hour. The WTAMU MPA requires 36 hours ($14,436) vs. USD’s 30. Also, the student has the option of a thesis or non-thesis plan.
    West Texas A&M University: Accounting Graduate Program

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