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    Hello All-

    A couple of requests:

    1. Any suggestions on a DL school for a Masters in Leadership, Organizational Leadership, or management? Preferably an accelerated program...

    2. Suggestions on a DL Graduate Cert. in Information Assurance?

    I'm currently in UMUC's DL MBA program. I'm thinking about getting a Masters in Leadership first and moving on to an MBA as I get closer to retiring from Govt. work.

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    Don't have time to look at offerings but you might find something here.
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    how about:

    University of North Alabama MBA-Management

    Troy University MSM

    Amberton University MBA-Strategic Leadership

    Southern Christian University

    Information assurance:

    Capitol College:

    If you do the UNA program you can complete one more class to qualify for the 18 Hours for teaching management. You may have already completed some management courses and it does have some 8 week courses.

    I'm doing the UNA program so that I can add the management track to my ability to adjunct upon leaving the government.


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    UNA Program


    Do you find the UNA program rigorous/challenging? Do the professors grade on a curve? I'm considering attending UNA. Thanks, Kevin.
    I apologize, K-Bob, for not answering your question.

    Trish :)
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    Why do you not consider UMUCs Dual masters program? You can get an MBA and a second masters (MS in project management) by taking just 18 additional credits. It seems to be one of the best deals going.

    Tony Pina
    Administrator, Northeastern Illinois University
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    Re: UNA Program


    These questions are hard to answer since I almost 50 and have extensive experience in many of the classes. So what is rigorous may be relative to your background.

    However, The classes follow the same material and exams as the on ground course. Some (statistics-calculus based) have been challenging from my perspective, others have been less so. I like the DVDs for the lecture portion, the fact that UNA is a well respected university and a full featured university. For example, email accounts are provided to students. On a side note many UNA graduates are teaching at the Community College and higher level.

    In some classes the professors may grade on a curve. I have not seen a significant difference in grading in any of the schools I have attended either B&M or DL. Feel free to PM if you would like and I'll provide some rationale for my decision.

  10. trishbee

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    UNA Program


    Thanks for your input! I have been looking into UNA and was attracted by their low tuition, RA accreditation, and DVD lectures.

    Trish :)
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