Master's programs with ACBSP programmatic accreditation and Delta Mu Delta

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  1. CalDog

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    I found one: Troy University (Alabama) plays Division I FBS (not in a power conference), and is accredited by ACBSP.
    But I suspect that the total number isn't much more than that.

    The point is that an employer who favors schools with highly ranked football teams is still favoring AACSB over ACBSP/IACBE -- even if unconsciously.
    This is simply because practically all of the top college football schools are AACSB, and not ACBSP/IACBE.
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    My gosh, is just so informative, and too much fun. How did I miss this website while pursuing my associate's degree? I am thinking I may just go with Western Governor's University' Master of Management and Leadership. It has no business school accreditation backing it period. I was looking at American Public University (which is ACBSP), but WGU is potentially much cheaper. I'd like the programmatic accreditation from one of the 3, but saving that money really wets my whistle. Getting regional accreditation with the low price is DYN-O-MITE!
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    Easy now, JJ.
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    This is truer than you realize. While on Active Duty in the Army I had a choice between a Master of Management at Troy State Univ (since renamed to Troy Univ) or a Master of Public Administration at the Univ of Oklahoma. I thought the Master of Mgt had more "flexibility" being more open and less specialized academically but the VP for Student Affairs at my undergrad school said to pick the best "name". He said people will always remember Oklahoma because of their Football team. I think that the OU name has carried more weight than anything else. Once you "prove" yourself as a professional, unless you are in a career with strict licensing requirements, your major matters less and less over time.
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    Without getting into a pissing contest between AACSB vs. ACBSP (to each their own), I'll just add that I was petitioned to join Delta Mu Delta and I entertained the notion for a moment, but I didn't pull the trigger because I didn't see the value in it. I could be way wrong, but in my limited research I just couldn't justify it. Truth be told my MBA program keeps me pretty busy, so my DMD research was short lived.
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    Well, they were undefeated in football last season.
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    I was hired a few years back to teach business FT by a dean who was from Nebraska-Huskers and we talked about how my undergrad was Mizzou.

    I suspect AACSB vs ACBSP never mattered. The other new hire for business that term was from Notre Dame.
    The business credentials I used on my application were ACBSP.

    Football affiliation was likely the deciding factor.
  8. novadar

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    It may not have been a big factor but you cannot rule it out to some extent. There is an aspect of the team rivalry that permeates all we do, my manager when to the Univ of Texas at Austin and every year when the Red River Shootout rolls out we agree to disagree and not talk about the game.

    On a tangential perspective I was promoted this article via LinkedIn this morning, interesting read albeit from an Academic:

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