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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Futuredegree, May 10, 2021.

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    It appears that Cuny Lehman College is offering a 30 credit masters of science in business. The courses seem interesting.

    Admissions Requirements
    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
    • Minimum of 3.0 GPA in undergraduate studies or a minimum of 2.8 GPA with at least two years of supervisory or managerial experience in the area of study.
    • Two letters of recommendation and a statement of career objectives
    • Completed course work in accounting (6 credits), economics (6 credits), and statistics (6 credits).
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    I agree, Cuny overall has a good name and Lehman college does hold a good name. If anyone is a NYS resident might be something to look into.

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