Masters Institute and the DoE DE Pilot

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    The now closed Masters Institute was one of the 15 pilot schools in the Dept of Education Pilot project that would make more financial aid available to students pursuing college degrees through distance learning. It was accredited by ACICS. Any thoughts on how this might impact the pilot program? As one of only two private for profit schools in the pilot (Quest Education is the other, and its online program was bought by Kaplan).

    Just curious. No DETC schools were in the pilot since one of the requirements was that the schools must be eligible for financial aid and DETC schools are not eligble.

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    It seems inevitable that this will provide ammunition for those educators and bureaucrats who are uneasy with the whole notion of privately-owned degree-granting schools. "Nearly seven percent of all schools in our sample went out of business during the test period."

    Broccoli-flavored toothpaste isn't selling? Close down production. MBA program enrollments down? Close down the program. Stockholders come first here at GlutCo.

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