Masters In USA After 3 Yr Degree?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by harrypatel, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. harrypatel

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    What are the chances of getting accepted to US universities for masters after BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Applications - 3 yr degree)?

    I am in 4th sem now and have already started preparing for :

    1) GRE
    2) TOEFL

    My field is networking. Thus, i will be electing networking subjects in last year in of BCA. I have also completed ccie written and my lab exam is soon within 2 months.

    If i clear CCIE + BCA (1st class) + Good Marks in GRE & TOEFL -- What are the chances of me getting accepted to any average US University for M.S in networking?

    Should i apply directly after completing BCA (10+2+3) or take 1 yr PG-Diploma in IT (12+3+1) and then apply?
  2. msganti

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    If BCA is your first bachelor's degree, then I believe it might be evaluated as 3 years of US bachelor's degree. In USA, Bachelor's degrees are 4 years. So, you'll be short by at least 1 year worth of courses.
    If you complete a 1-Year PG Diploma, then 3-Year BCA + 1-Year PG Diploma MIGHT be evaluated as equivalent of a 4-Year degree. Again, whether to accept this or not is the decision of the University you are applying to. Remember, in USA educuation, there are no hard & fast rules. The University's decision is final.

    Also, consider transferring your BCA courses to one of the big 3, and continuing your studies from there while you are still in your home country. I believe Excelsior college (and may be other two also) accepts international students, but I am not sure. IMHO, this would be the best and cost-saving option to get an accredited US bachelor's degree.
  3. harrypatel

    harrypatel New Member


    Thanks for the reply. It would be helpful if you can clear following doubts of mine :

    1) By Big 3 Do you mean to say : excelsior, thomas edison and chartar oak?

    2) I will be able to study from my country (india) if i transfer to those universities?

    3) Do i need to transfer after 4th sem? or can transfer after 6th sem (in my current bachelor degree)?

    4) Is there any help for CCIE Certification? Any university takes that certificate into consideration?

    5) Do i need to come to USA to take the admission ? (transfer)
  4. Petedude

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    There are some RA programs that effectively result in three year Bachelor's degrees, mostly from accepting an Associate's degree as equivalent to three years' general education. In that case, I doubt anyone except a Tier 1 graduate program would have an issue with these degrees.
  5. msganti

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    You should be. Please check Excelsior's page for International students:
    International Student Admissions -
    I believe other two might have similar info. Do your research.
    You can technically transfer any time, but it's better to get as many transferable credits as possible in your home country(which should be pretty cheap, I guess) before attempting any transfer. Remember, each evaluation adds to your cost, and the evaluation agencies like WES and ECE charge flat amounts per evaluation, whether it is one credit or hundred .
    I have no idea. Please email these colleges and ask them.
    Excelsior does not have any residential requirement, so you can complete your bachelor's (or masters) from your country. Check with other schools.
  6. harrypatel

    harrypatel New Member

    Thanks for all the replies.

    I am considering of completing all courses of my current degree and then transfer it. I would also take courses from straighterline to get even more credits. Thus, i will just have few credits for excelsior.

    Also can anyone help me with college selection?

    I know that the first thing that i look is that if college is DETC and Regional Accreditation. Anything else to look for?

    My main goal is to get in graduate school (full time, offline, average state/public university).

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