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    I know that many before me have asked the question of which university is cheapest to get a teaching certificate from. My question is a little different. I am thinking of the possibility of changing careers to teaching- preferably post secondary.

    I have an associate in Business and 2 bachelors in Behavioural Science (Psychology Emphasis) and Computing (Software Engineering Emphasis). I am looking for a full master's degree in education that I can complete in 1 year with an emphasis in teaching, learning or technology or similar, that will also make me a certified teacher.

    This has to be a fully online program. I prefer a school that is self paced if possible (but this is not a deal breaker) and have a monthly payment plan such as Pattens University, as I do not have all of the funds to pay upfront. Having said that, cost is important to me- it must be affordable. Paying less than $600 per month would be ideal and realistic for me. Please do not suggest Western Governors University. I've already written to them and they responded saying that they can't accept me because I am outside of the US. Since I move around a lot from island to island every few years, a regionally accredited school will be good as I do not know where next my husband will be relocated to.

    Hope I'm clear.

    Thanks much for your kind assistance.

    PS: I use to frequent this site many years ago. I have no idea what my log in info is at this point, so I created a new account- hence my first post.
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    Friends University in Kansas offers an Elementary Education program that you can finish in a year. It is a combination of classes, moocs and student teaching and the cost if I am not wrong is 10k. It is NCATE accredited and yes you will be initially licensed in elementary ed, but you can test out other endorsements.
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    Be aware, there are other routes to a teaching career than a master's degree. Most of the teachers in the school where I work do not even have master's degrees and in my district the salary is just a few dollars more per month for teachers with graduate degrees, so the advantage in salary is not there, until you have many years of experience (check the salary tables for your state). Search for a "Post Baccalaureate Alternative Teaching License" program at a community college. If the school has an alternative teaching program, but does not offer graduate degrees, then you may qualify for Pell Grants which I believe are off-limits to students in graduate programs.
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    The MEd is perhaps the most common distance learning grad degree offered in the US. Start by looking inside your own state university system.
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    That's true, but an MEd is not the same thing as an MAT. Someone who wants something that applies to K-12 schoolteachers should be pretty careful here.
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    Friends University in Wichita, KS has a 30 credit pretty creative Bachelors degree in Elementary Education which you can complete with a mixture of classes, MOOCS, and seminar/workshops like VESI. You need to have a 3.0 GPA and a previous bachelors degree will waive the geneds, with the exception of those that are required for licensure. I think the cost is close to 10K.

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