Masters in Teaching Biological Sciences or Biology

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    Jacksonville zoo starts master's degree program with Miami University.

    The program will offer two master degrees — in teaching biological sciences or biology — by combining Miami University coursework online with field study on the zoo’s grounds and in the Jacksonville area.

    Courses will be taught by Miami instructors and also include experiential learning led by experts at the zoo.

    Students will be exposed first-hand to the zoo’s sustainability and conservation programs. They will be encouraged to work with researchers and on field projects while engaging with local conservation and sustainability organizations.

    The zoo will be the first institution in the southeastern United States partnering with Miami’s Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP).

    “The AIP will not only provide local Jacksonville residents with an affordable master’s degree, but this unique program will equip them to make strides toward a more sustainable future in our Jacksonville community and beyond” said Leanne White, the zoo’s director of education.

    Florida Times-Union Jacksonville
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    Interesting how this is in Florida but the school is Miami in Ohio and not Miami in Florida.
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    While the name leads to confusion, it is a very reputable school. I imagine that teaming up with a Zoo so far away, is to draw a different student population. With the number of high quality zoos in Ohio, they likely utilize local schools for the resident programs that this is branching off of.

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