Master's in Special Ed-seeking feedback on specific programs/schools

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    My first post :) Here goes.

    I'm looking to enroll in a masters in special education program. I am already certified to teach special ed in NY (where I live) and have several years of experience in the field. My criteria is as follows: 1. completely online (although I might accept a Summer on campus); 2. Focus on special ed, not general and spec ed; 3. Relatively low/decent tuition; 3. Max term length of 8 weeks; 4. Ability to take either 1 or 2 courses at a time (both options must be available). 5. Can be completed in under 2 years (even if taking only 1 course every 8 weeks). Very specific- I know- but after a lot of trial and error, this seems to be the only combination that currently works for me.

    After much searching, including through this forum, I've narrowed it down to the following schools (with links to the progs):

    Arkansas State U
    Campbellsville U
    Indiana Wesleyan U
    Lesley U- emphasis in spec ed
    St. Mary's U

    Does anyone have any personal experience with these programs, or with other education/teaching programs from these schools? I'm specifically trying to get feedback from other people regarding: how these schools are viewed, likelihood/difficulty of being hired with a degree from these universities, whether there are any hidden fees, ease of interaction between students and teachers/support staff, difficulty of the programs and the amount of group work required for these courses. Also, if anyone actually knows whether employers look more favorably on those with a MEd as opposed to a MS, MA or MSEd, that would also be appreciated.

    Thanks for the assistance.

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